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Any tips on how to use Evade?

Discussion in 'Filia' started by TonyPartridge30, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. TonyPartridge30

    TonyPartridge30 Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2017
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    I find Filia's SA to be very technical. I think I've pulled it off twice in total, and both times by accident. I pretty much always find it more consistent and helpful to just block. But with the new gold Windswept Filia, there is more focus put on the use of this ability. So I'm hoping Filia experts can share some hints and ideas on how to best utilize the Evade ability.

  2. Wulfden

    Wulfden Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2017
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    Hm, a good tip is mainly about your timing. For example, the easiest to use evade is when Cerebella is about to use Diamond Dynamo (The one with multiple hits from her hat?), if you're spaced a wee bit before the first hit, swipe like hell away from her and it counts as an Evade!

    Evade should mainly also be used for moves you can anticipate. Some of the easiest are the charged moves, dash moves (You'll have to swipe twice back) and close combat moves (I.E, evading before a Cerebella can use Diamond Drop on you since you're in range)

    I'm not sure though that if you do gain evade though her SA from projectiles, that would give you the boosts or it's just a little "bonus" for her but honestly, once you get more aligned with evading moves, you'll see it more like throw breaking the opponents and get into the rhythm of it!

    Just make sure not to confuse Filia's evade for someone who doesn't have it! (AKA: Me who thought I was playing Filia when I was playing Valentine lol)
  3. MXDEX

    MXDEX Member

    Aug 27, 2017
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    I would mostly try to use evade on projectiles from fighters who use objects
  4. moisterrific

    moisterrific Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2017
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    General tips:
    • Windswept will always get 5x Enrage from getting hit by Argus Agony
    • Automatic 50% chance to evade projectiles will not work if she’s blocking
    • It will work if she’s midair
    • It’s not a good idea to risk it and try to evade attacks such as Silent Scope and Diamonds Are Forever, since they are single hit projectiles that will do a lot of damage or kill you
    • Your best bet against opponents who have little to no projectile attacks is to play your own corner to your advantage
    • Evade is a defensive maneuver, and is often risky to pull off. So you’ll wanna build plenty of defence and HP for Windswept for when you screw up (you will screw up a lot)
    • It’s a good idea to get hit by high hit projectile attacks (such as Argus) while you’re at the middle of the stage. This way, you can take full advantage of the 5x Enrage and do awesome damage with Gregor Samson. Also positioning yourself closer to where the next enemy will tag in will allow you fire off another blockbuster with 5x Enrage (see second GIF)

    Windswept (at her corner) vs. everyone:
    • She can evade Beowulf’s dash attack, but she will always get hit by his knockback attack (1-2x Enrage)
    • She can evade Beowulf’s trip attack with a decent rate of success (1x Enrage)
    • She can evade Big Band’s dash and knockback (2x Enrage)
    • She can evade Cerebella’s dash and knockback (2x Enrage)
    • She can evade Eliza’s dash and knockback (2x Enrage)
    • She can evade Filia’s dash, knockback can be evaded but the timing is hard (1-2x Enrage)
    • She can evade Painwheel’s dash, but subsequent attacks will hit her (1-2x Enrage)
    • She can evade Parasoul’s dash and knockback (2x Enrage)
    • She can evade Peacock’s dash, evading knockback is kinda hard like when against Filia (1-2x Enrage)
    • She can evade Valentine’s dash and knockback (1-4x Enrage)

    Here are some GIFs of Windswept in action:

    List of projectile attacks:
    • Dead Cross (3 hits)
    • Vial Hazard: Type A, B, C (1 hit)
    • Parasoul’s tag in bike (1 hit)
    • Egret Moto (2 hits)
    • Hurting Hurdle (1 hit)
    • Strike Up the Band BB3 (~50 hits)
    • Diamonds Are Forever BB2 (1 hit)
    • Middle of the Sphynx (1 hit)
    • Upper Khat (3 hits)
    • Dive of Horus (1 hit)
    • Ringlet Spike (3 hits)
    • Trichobezoar BB2 (1 hit)
    • Gae Bolga Stinger (~4 hits)
    • Napalm Shot (1 hit)
    • Silent Scope BB1 (1 hit)
    • Motor Brigade BB2 (6 hits)
    • Inferno Brigade BB3 (~65 hits)
    • Bang! Bang! Bang! (3 hits)
    • Impending Doom BB1 (3 hits)
    • George's Day Out (1 hit)
    • Boxcar George (1 hit)
    • George At the Air Show (1 hit)
    • Argus Agony BB1 (~28 hits)
    • Lonesome Lenny BB2 (1 hit)
    • Good Fellows BB3 (1 hit / last hit)
    • Deadly Airport BB3 (10 hits I think)
    • Squigly Battle Opera (???)
    • Inferno of Leviathan (???)
    • Catellite Lives (???)
    • Cat Strike (???)
    • Theonite Beam (???)
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