• [2018/06/22]
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  1. G

    Other Pronouns mistranslation in Filia's origin history

    Samson is referring to Filia, who is a girl, so the text "esse garoto" must be switched for "essa garota". Here, "garoto" on the first line, must be switched for "garota". And here, "vivo" must be switched for "viva". It's quite simple.
  2. C

    Brainstorming changes to some PAs!

    Hey, I've been thinking for some time that some PAs have some flaws or could be improved somehow. I don't mean to buff every PA to be about the same strength, SAs and MAs are not designed that way and I'm ok with that; this post is just a proposal to make some PAs more consistent or fix some...
  3. tokki_mekka

    Bug - Normal Visual bug with Filia

    After opening Filia's relic, I got Bad Hair Day, the model of which first stuck in the menu, and later began to break and distort the models of other characters (For example, Double, Ms. Fortune and Eliza). This does not interfere with the gameplay in any way, but it looks strange.
  4. stale cheeto

    Bug - Normal I have an issue involving Filia's tag in attack

    Ok this went by super duper fast and I couldn't make sense of what was going on but I'll explain the best I can. I was playing the Annie prize fight, right? Cerebella used Diamond Drop to KO my Annie and then swiftly tagged in Filia while Painwheel was just coming in. Filia kicked Painwheel and...
  5. T

    Characters Painwheel's Character Ability

    Isn't Painwheel's CA a bit useless? I can't really think of any reliable use for it and I don't even remember about it most of the time while playing her. In comparison to e.g. Eliza's or Beowulf's CAs it's just abysmal. Shouldn't it get a rework or something? So that players can actually use it...
  6. Ink072703

    Need advice evolving to diamond

    Hi, so total moron here- I have a Bad Ms Frosty maxed out at gold, I'm trying to evolve her to diamond but I'm not sure if I'm going about this in a stupid way or not.. (keep in mind this is my first max gold and first attempt evolving to diamond). The filias I have are: Bad hair day (silver)...
  7. Y

    Bug - Normal Filia’s first cut

    Has happened to me several times when the first cut activates it “eats” the bleeding debuff and the opponent doesn’t gets the permanent bleed, it has happened at several scenarios and against different characters, I’m not sure what triggers it. I play in iphone SE And the versión 4.3.3 of the game.
  8. P4CTR4N

    Bug - Normal Filia and Fukua are Not reacting to Bogus Buzzard

    I recorded for my self in thet training room, is incredible annoying that you can do the Double special combo to all characters, "smaller ones and bigger ones" but when you try it with Filia and Fukua they destroy all the match, all your game to the garbage because Bogus Buzzard don't connect...
  9. B

    Fcunkle's Tier List (may not be too good)

    SS: Class Cutter (P), Djinn Frizz (P), S: Bad Hair Day (P), Hair Apparent (P), Idol Threat (P/B), Parasite Weave (P), Rock Star (S), A: Frayed Ends (P/B), Windswept (P) B: Dread Locks (B) D: Bad Ms. Frosty (P) (P) - Point, the character you use for fighting (B) - Beatstick - the character...
  10. M

    Master peacock help

    Heyo, I’ve managed to grind out every node in Peacock’s master story mode except one: 1xPeacock vs Dread Locks Filia and Djinn Frizz Filia My strongest Peacock is a maxed gold Ultraviolent with Special Feature, and while she’s got the damage output to win, Dread Lock’s SA’s really messes me up...
  11. P

    Frayed End Filia not inflicting bleed

    Hello all, I found that my Frayed End Filia is not inflicting bleed on opponent at all, and I'm sure I have all the related skill upgraded, while Bad Hair Day Filia had no problem inflict bleed in the same fight. Is it just me or there are other people have the same problem?
  12. fanghoul

    "DJINN FRIZZ" - Strategy and Discussion

    DJINN FRIZZ FILIA Element: Fire Variant: Diamond Palette: Based on video game character Shantae, the half-genie Signature Ability Three Wishes Every 10 seconds gain 3 random BUFF(S) for 5 seconds. 33% chance when using a BLOCKBUSTER to convert 3 BUFF(S) into permanent ENRAGE. (Credit to...
  13. BallotBoxer

    "ROCK STAR" - Strategy and Discussion

    ROCK STAR FILIA Element: Light Variant: Silver Palette: original (exclusive to SGM), based on Steven Universe First Appearance: unobtainable, A.I. enemy only in 3.4 (Aug. 2019) Signature Ability GEM SHIELD While Filia is alive, all teammates TAG IN with 3 stack(s) of BARRIER for 10 seconds...
  14. M

    Dreadlocks Filia Counter

    anyone knowa good team or character that will help me beat dread locks Filia I usualy have to just take the damage and end up losing the match because once Filia dies and the heavy bleed she puts on stops my characters are too low on health to win https://ibb.co/Csz12wb here is a pic of the...
  15. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal Filia Stage background glitch

    last update I found the black gap in the background, also a weird tangle cut on the tree in middle ground( it has been there for while).
  16. You cant beat D

    "Reverse Filia" A fukua concept

    With fukua being a Clone of filia, i thought it would be funny to think of her Entire character being as such in sgm, but i took it one step further and made her completely a Reverse filia to the best of my abbilties, (Note: i by no means want to see these ideas in the game, as most of them are...
  17. A

    Bad Ms Frosty worth it?

    Hello greetings a doubt is still worth investing resources in her after your nerf?
  18. Xandoss

    Suggest: “Idol Threat” Strategy or discussion

    I couldn’t find a thread discussing ‘Idol Threat’ variant of Filia. She doesn’t seem all that bad after the 3.1 update buff, aside from the fact that they’re pretty easily played around when she’s your defense character on a node. Trying to possibly level her to use in Rift but don’t want to be...
  19. InsomnioStd

    "The first cut" Marquee is counterproductive after a full perma-bleed stack...

    So, when I was testing for the first time my maxed skill tree and marquee Filia - Bad hair Day (I maxed out "the first cut" right after unlocking), I realized that the perma-bleeds now would stack, having a limit of 5. My problem is that even after that, the marquee can still be triggered. The...
  20. M

    Characters L5 > Launcher as Filia doesn't connect anymore

    As the title says, L5 > Launcher as Filia seems to not connect as easily as before. I keep getting BB'd when trying to do that. I hope I'm not the only one with that issue. I'm pretty sure it's not due to the AI, because the combo counter didn't turn red previously.