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How to use evade with Filia - Windswept

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Brian Ford, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Brian Ford

    Brian Ford Active Member

    Oct 1, 2017
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    This can be tricky to pull off at times, and with a 50% success rate, it can be even more difficult to pull off. Anyways, by simply pressing back when a attack is about to hit you, Filia can dodge the attack given you zero damage on 'evade' (well at least most of them).

    In general all types of Filia's in Skullgirls Mobile can use 'evade', but besides Windswept the others don't get the benefit for success when using it.

    Here's a video shown how it is in effect: works!

    I've left it in the comments, pin pointing the times when it came in use. You normally see at the side of the screen 'Evade' in writing, shown you evaded the attack.

    I'd say practice makes perfect, so try it out firstly before taking it real...

    Well anyways hope you enjoy using Windswept! :)

    P.s apology on the long video, also bit of clumsiness.​
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