• [2018/06/22]
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  1. C

    Should I evolve my Purrfect Dark or Bio-exorcist to Dia?

    I like both of them and I have enough essences to evolve either of them. I don't know which to evolve. On one hand, Purrfect Dark definitely needs ATK invesment, while bio-exorcist doesn't really. On the other hand, I use Bio-exorcist as a defensive variant in my rift base, plus I think she's...
  2. B

    Characters Suggestion: trading fighters

    Because it requires 3 of the same type of bronze fighters to evolve, maybe you could set up a trading option with other players? Trade a fighter that you have for one that you need to evolve your current bronze fighter. Like a trading bazaar or something. Thanks
  3. Yomady

    Bug - Normal Evolving a character error

    Running the animation the game just dies If you don't touch anything it is by passable
  4. D

    Bug - Normal Evolve Animations Not Appearing

    I evolved a few bronze fighters and got this issue for all of them. Tried it with Painwheel, Parasoul, Peacock, Filia, and Double. I was stuck on the evolve selection screen instead of going into the blank screen once I had finished selecting fighters and choose to evolve. However the...
  5. R

    Resolved Evolution Guide Attached

    Here is something I have been working on since I started playing. It's a few days later than I had hoped to post it, but it's ready now! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eGqpf3Io6ctDVP8gRyiN2vU9rHnLBI1t/view?usp=sharing...
  6. moomouse

    Bug - Normal Evolution Screen Bug

    I'm not sure if anyone else has made a thread on this bug, so I'm just going to make one now. I've been experiencing this evolution screen bug for literal months now and it is beyond irritating. Are there any plans to fix it? (Apologies for the YouTube link, I couldn't just upload the video file...
  7. DefGear

    Bug - Normal Game freezes after winning a battle since 4.3

    The game will sometimes freeze after winning a battle in any mode, counting it as a lose since it freezes before the score screen shows. I play in an Android 9 mobile
  8. C

    Resolved Fighter mustakenly seen as a favourite

    Yesterday I tried sacrificing some of my fighters to evolve a cold stones beowulf to silver, but I wasn't able to because the game prompted me saying one was flagged as favourite. I tried flagging and unflagging him, but it did not help. I have no idea how to reproduce this bug. If you think...
  9. Zuzuska

    Zuzuska's WATER Diamond Evaluation

    SWOOSH SPLASH (thats the sound water makes right?) This list of Water Elemental Fighters will judge what the 3 BEST choices for Diamond evolution are. There will also be 3 DECENT picks, and then the other fighters that struggle to hold onto practicality. Possible Water Element Diamonds: Bad Ms...
  10. fatfursatan

    Which bronze and silver characters are worth evolving?

    I'm not sure how wide the stat disparity is between max level gold and silver characters. I've also seen wide stat disaprities between same-leveled characters of the same type and rank, seemingly based on the power of thwir signatures (Hair Apparent and Bad Ms. Frosty). BUT, based on their...
  11. fatfursatan

    Questions about Evolution

    So, I've got an Ivy League Parasoul and a few Heavy Reign Parasouls. They're both wind element. If I evolve a Heavy Reign (not that I'm planning to), would it turn into an Ivy League Parasoul or a Silver Heavy Reign? Do all characters retain their name, skin, and signature abilities when they...