• [2018/06/22]
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evolving to diamond

  1. Zuzuska

    Zuzuska's WATER Diamond Evaluation

    ~SPLISH SPLASH GREAT ADVENTURE!~ This list of Water Elemental Fighters will try to help you pick what the BEST choices for Diamond evolution are. There will also be a few Great/Decent picks. Hopefully, this can help you determine who you want to spend your Elemental Essences on. I'm splitting...
  2. Zuzuska

    Zuzuska's AIR Diamond Evaluation

    ~Whoosh Swoosh~ We’re jumping the gun and flying into the Air Diamond Eval! This is not a perfect tier list, but hopefully it will help you decide on who to use those valuable Elemental Essences on or maybe you’ll save them for if you can pull one of the top tiers. I'm splitting this list into...
  3. F

    Resolved Accolades dosent work

    Hi i had a bug with acoolades i was trying to achive 10 diamond charecters achivment i upgraded my primed parasoul to diamond and i didnt get the achivment my in game name is ananas suyu ,my phone model is Lenovo p70-a my android version is 5.1 and im playing from Turkey ,i posted my diamonds...
  4. Ink072703

    Need advice evolving to diamond

    Hi, so total moron here- I have a Bad Ms Frosty maxed out at gold, I'm trying to evolve her to diamond but I'm not sure if I'm going about this in a stupid way or not.. (keep in mind this is my first max gold and first attempt evolving to diamond). The filias I have are: Bad hair day (silver)...