• [2018/06/22]
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  1. StarUrania

    Other diamond keys shouldn't be so scarce

    the whole concept of diamond keys is dumb and the way they get distributed is awful. 1. spending 1M coin for 1 diamond key is horrendous, especially since coins have so many other uses. it would make more sense I would get 2 or hell even 3 for 1M that would actually make buying them not so bad...
  2. TooniX

    Other Easier Account Switching.

    Are the devs ever gonna work on an easier way of switching accounts? I have to uninstall then install for 3+ Hours just to log in to my correct account, i suffer from a mild memory loss so that i often mess up on logging in to accounts, i hope this gets noticed.
  3. Lulero

    Other Early Game Feedbacks

    Game version: from 3.2.1 to 3.3 Platform: Android 9 Phone: Huawei P smart 2019 Location: Brest, France In-game author tag: Lulero Job: Research Engineer since 2005 Prior experience with similar games. I played fighting games back in the 90s, absolutely loved Street Fighters 2 Turbo on SNES and...
  4. Wulfden

    Collection Equippable items?

    Hello there everyone! Happy Rumble Pack to those in Prize Fights and hope you all have been enjoying the winter! That said, I wanted to perhaps suggest if we could get relics or items that let you equip them onto characters similar to moves, but grant basic extra abilities you'd see on other...
  5. Wulfden

    Characters A system to build up characters abilities?

    So, this was brought up in another thread I voiced my opinion, but as someone did mention, in the current meta of SG mobile, we are most likely in need of a new system to grant bonuses to units we have in the game to bring up their usage and steer away the idea of only using tier lists so to...
  6. Shenbet

    Other Quick Play and the Complete Removal of the Mode

    Quick Play was a game mode that served the purpose of two things. First off, to me it was meant for having fun. If you didn't wanna progress the story (or couldn't and had to grind that one character you couldn't get XP for) then you could just hop into Quick Play and get a random team to...