• [2018/06/22]
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  1. R

    Bug - Normal Game freezing for a brief moment during fights

    I've been experiencing this bug lately during fights, the game freezes for a brief moment then continues. I don't know if this is because of my phone or the game itself, I might try reinstalling the game to see if doesn't happen again but I hope this issue gets checked somehow. LG-k220 Android 6.0
  2. Otorimasu

    Bug - Normal Game Freezes on Loading Screen

    Phone : Samsung S7 (Android ver. 8.0.0) In Prize Fight, after clicking BATTLE on the team I want to fight and reaching the loading screen, clicking the BACK button once (on my phone) in the loading screen will stop the game from loading and freeze on the loading screen. (The game freezes on...
  3. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Crash Game freezing after fights (still)

    iPhone 6s iOS 11.2.2 Game version 2.0.1 (Autumn release) An old issue reared it’s ugly head after my first fight in the new app (congrats on the app’s independence from LINE, btw!). Was playing Medici Fight Club (prize fight). Had on my team Raw Nerve Painwheel, Xenomorph Double, and Windswept...
  4. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Crash Game froze after a fight

    iPhone 6s iOS 11.1.1 Game version 1.6.0 @Liam So after downloading the 1.6.0 update early today, I dove back into the game and was pleased that it was all smooth sailing. I was able to do Daily Events, PFs, and Story missions without the freezing issues I previously reported with version 1.5.0...
  5. O

    Bug - Normal Lost All Data After Force Close and Restart

    Hi all, Been playing Skullgirls Mobile for a few weeks, and was really enjoying the game. Occasionally, the game freezes after finishing a fight (ex. on the rewards screen) or on the story/event node screen (i.e. I can pan the map and use the home button, etc., but selecting nodes doesn't do...
  6. T

    Bug - Crash Game froze after a “draw”

    I killed parasoul, right as she uses a blockbuster to kill me at the same time The game says i won, but after the text disappeared i stay in the same darkened screen, music still on but i cant do anything.
  7. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Crash Game freezing after fights

    iPhone 6s iOS 11.0.1 Game version 1.5.0 Recently, my game has been freezing completely after just a couple fights in any area (PF, story, Daily). Sometimes this occurs after the rewards/progress bar shows up post-fight, sometimes it happens after returning to the home screen. In all cases...