• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Game Freezes on Loading Screen


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Jun 16, 2019
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Phone : Samsung S7 (Android ver. 8.0.0)

In Prize Fight, after clicking BATTLE on the team I want to fight and reaching the loading screen, clicking the BACK button once (on my phone) in the loading screen will stop the game from loading and freeze on the loading screen.



(The game freezes on this frame with the "LOADING..." faded out)

Hitting the BACK button again will give me the option to stay for nothing or quit the screen (I assume the game thinks I'm trying to quit from the battle).



(In this case I'm forced to quit the screen, making me lose many energies and my current streak)

This could happen anywhere other than Prize Fight, but I'd have to spam the BACK button as the game loads faster (Fast loading applies with Daily Event and Story Mode, not sure about Rift Battles). For some reason, the game allows the player to click the BACK button in the loading screen to get to the previous screen. I say this because by quitting the screen from the freezed loading screen, the game will change into a different loading screen in attempt to load the previous screen allowing me to spam the BACK button to go back to the main menu. (I.e. when doing the same process I explained in Daily Event, I can spam BACK button to return to the main menu or any previous screen instead of the team selection screen).

This bug may not be a problem for Daily Event and Story Mode as the game loads fast and clicking BACK button once won't trigger the bug, but it is very bothering for me in Prize Fight as I tend to misclick the BACK button with my big hands on my sensitive phone, losing energies and streaks.

Perhaps turning off the BACK button functionality in loading screens could fix the problem.