• [2018/06/22]
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game crash

  1. johndoe666

    Bug - Normal Ads crashing the game

    For the past 2 days, I have been unable to get my ads free items, because of this crash that happens, when I try to open an add, this happens on my Mobile Phone (Oneplust 10) and using my Bluestacks player. I leave a video in this link below...
  2. T

    Bug - Normal Game closing at launch, tried everything

    Once every couple of months the old "game crash after opening" thing comes back to my phone. 5 seconds in and the game just closes. This time, I just bought the Medici 2.500.000 cc deal, which requires me to actually login to get the daily 50k, and my monthly check-ins are almost done, so i...
  3. mila_d

    Resolved Sudden closing of the game

    I have an IPhone 6, it has enough space for updates and I also have a good internet connection, but since the last update of the game containing the new rift battles, after some fights the game suddenly stops and closes itself. This becomes worse when I win a rift fight and when it closes and I...
  4. W

    Bug - Crash The game closes

    When starting the game everything is fine but after a few minutes the game closes...
  5. tom641

    Bug - Crash Peacock Crash when using George's Day after tap combo

    Twice now I just did Peacock's normal 5 hit combo and immediately did George's Day Out (the slow walking bomb) and both times the game crashed. PS: my opponents in Prize Fights thank you :) Edit: I'm using a Droid Maxx that's fully updated.