• [2018/06/22]
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  1. H

    I don't get my premiere relic

    So basically I bought 10+1 premire relic pack but after I spent my money, the screen says "we have a problem during this process " blah blah something basically it have some issues but I've already spent my money!!, I tried restarting the game and it said the item is in your mail box, I opened...
  2. D

    Bug - Normal Cannot login using Google account (error Google.9004)

    I have my game linked to a Google account and when I tried to login, it says "Something went wrong while contacting your login provider. Please try again! Error Code: Google.9004" I tried using vpn but it didnt work. Also this issue has been around for a while. Im using android. ps I hate...
  3. F

    Resolved Error 3509

    Good day! I encountered such a problem: when I try to enter the game, it hangs at the "Check for updates" stage, and then gives an Error 3509, accompanied by information about problems with the Internet. But there is no problems with the Internet, and the problem continues to appear. I tried to...
  4. AnikiKamina

    Resolved Login Error? [RESOLVED]

    Anyone else experiencing log-in issues at the moment? i’ve been getting the same log-in error code : 5.DSE.1 since 11:20pm EST. :(
  5. J

    Bug - Crash synchronizing downloads

    Arrooo! I have a question for days that try to enter the application skullgirls for Android but it will not let me, only with data of my mobile lets me play but when I enter with WiFi from my house stays on the screen synchronizing downloads that I can do to solve it... Thanks