• [2018/06/22]
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  1. A

    Fights Matchmaking system in Rift Battles

    The system always matches me with teams where the main node has up to 50k when my best team is 20k, this even happens in very low scores causing me to only lose, taking away much of the emotion
  2. Art3mes

    Rift matchmaking

    So, today I got matched with a lvl 67 Japanese player. I, being only at lvl 60, thought let's see what he/she got? He/she got stuffs that I didn't have. Then even I tried my luck and pushed to the boss node, with zero defence wins.<( ̄︶ ̄)> I was proud. There at the boss node stood tall, A 22k...
  3. K

    Catalysts and Matchmaking

    I know team strength is taken into account for """balancing""" but does anyone know if Catalyst are also taken into account for matchmaking? Because the past 10 or so matches I have been fighting with the same four people who are 4-6 levels higher than me, and the one thing they all had in...
  4. nesteaisnasty

    Fights The (main) problem with Rift Battle mode

    This game is pretty much polished in every way possible but there's always some kind of trouble when it comes to real people playing with each other. Rifts were unbalanced in the very beginning, then the catalysts came but also the matching was fixed. But within some time the matching became...
  5. Lulero

    Rift matchmaking, fellow players please share some data

    DISCLAIMER: This thread is NOT the place to discuss how fair/enjoyable the algorithm is. It's just about gathering data. REQUEST: Post in this thread your rift data: Sum of your top 20 fighters FS (be as accurate as possible). Your current rift rating and tier (i.e. G4, G3, G2, D3, etc...)...
  6. jamar

    Other Rift Score(And Matchmaking I Guess)

    The 3.2 matchmaking changes are here, and at level 61 Silver 2, they've been fairly positive for me. Not perfect, but I can almost always clear my opponent's map. You know, unless they have Futile Resistance and Darknut on the armor node. However, while matchmaking now includes collection...