• [2018/06/22]
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  1. A person

    Resolved Lost mail items

    I was logging into my account and I looked at my mail,I claimed my mail (items: 3 premiere relics 100,000 coins and 12 hour courses boost).I claimed the items but it popped up with a “something went wrong, try again later” and so I did, I claimed it later but it didn’t give me the items. I...
  2. R

    Bug - Normal Silver Fighter Relic

    I recently beat Medici's tower for story mod and got 2 fighter relics and a silver fighter relic. I opened my two relics, and got two bronze fighters, which gave me enough shards to claim a silver relic, therefore I had 2 silver fighter relics. I scrolled down and saw an option to claim and to...
  3. J

    Bug - Normal Missing Parasoul Relic after origin chapter completion

    As title says, I just 100%'d the cannopolis chapter of Parasoul's origin story in advanced difficulty, and as expected, I received a Parasoul relic as a reward. However, when I went to open it, it just wasn't there, I don't know if anyone from the support team can track my relics or something...