• [2018/06/22]
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new players

  1. A

    Which of the two is better?

    Hello, could you tell me which of the two characters is better? Cerebella Toad Warrior Ms Fortune Purrfect Dark
  2. A

    Eliza Scarlet Viper or Bloody Valentine?

    In which of the two is it worth investing resources? Take also to ask the same for No Egrets and Ivy League :)
  3. A

    Bad Ms Frosty worth it?

    Hello greetings a doubt is still worth investing resources in her after your nerf?
  4. A

    Characters Bronze to Silver?

    Hello, could you recommend pj Bronze that is worth evolving to Silver?
  5. A

    Beowulf Wrestler X is it worth investing resources in?

    Hello greetings someone who has it could you recommend me to invest resources in it or not?
  6. A

    Silver characters that are worth investing resources?

    Hello greetings as the title says that Silver characters are worth it to invest resources in it?
  7. H

    Best use of crystals for a new player

    I'm about 5 days into playing skullgirls and have saved up ~1200 crystals. Whats the best way to spend them for a scrub? Thanks!
  8. S

    (New) AI activiting BB in between combos?

    Started playing this week, already pretty far with one gold pull and a few silvers. I hit a streak in silver PF where my "easy" option was 2x my total possible FS at 4,500 to my ~2,300. Almost clutched it out with Stone Cold until Parasol activated a BB in between the middle of my ground combo...
  9. AQuestion

    Where do I go from here ?

    Hey all, Recently picked up this game and i'm having a blast so far. Today I won two silver fighter relics that got me my 2nd Blood Drive Painwheel & a Graveyard Shift Valentine. Earlier, i lucked out and got Resonant Evil Big Band (from what i hear, he's pretty good). Judging from the...
  10. L

    Aeon/Venus Fights

    I was just looking for someone to clear this up for me. I've been looking at people talk about these "Aeon/Venus" fights when someone reaches a certain level in Prize Fights. Can someone explain to me what they are, and what makes them special? Of course I know who the characters are from the...
  11. Gonzalo0104

    As a new player, what should I do?

    Hi everyone, I have started playing skullgirls since two days now. And all I have done it's some story missions and a few prize fight. But I am not sure how should I use the money and the gems I have. I have been thinking on saving the gems to buy 10 relics of one of the week champs. And about...