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Where do I go from here ?


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Mar 27, 2018
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Screenshot_2018-03-28-02-03-28-1.png Hey all,

Recently picked up this game and i'm having a blast so far. Today I won two silver fighter relics that got me my 2nd Blood Drive Painwheel & a Graveyard Shift Valentine. Earlier, i lucked out and got Resonant Evil Big Band (from what i hear, he's pretty good).

Judging from the screenshot & the progress made with my other bronze characters, where should I go from here ? I would hate to accidently power up the wrong character or just mess it all up in general.

On an unrelated note, I would love to be able to run Valentine, however I've seen people state how underpowered her character is and that the only viable Valentine is Surgeon General/Silent Kill. How would I be able to obtain them, as hard as it may be ?
Welcome to the game buddy. You can get Slient Kill by doing her prize fight when she comes up. Surgeon General you can take a shot at her relics to see if you get her. I would definitely start lving Cold Stones and Resonant Evil if I were you.
Yep, prize fights are the way to go, but at your level it will be really hard to get into the top 10% bracket of a gold character PF, so however ambitious you may be I’d set that aside as a goal for the future for now and focus on completing story mode, which will give you loads of free relics (which theoretically could net you a gold Valentine).
Unfortunately, in the state they currently are now, prize fights reward players mostly for their team’s combined fighter score, and you simply won’t have a high enough score compared to using golds. That’s why I suggest draining the other game modes of their freebies first. However, a major revamp for prize fights is in the works!
And in terms of maining, you don’t need to worry too much about what others say, as with the right amount of work and dedication you can make virtually any fighter viable for mid-game play. The end-game is sort of stale but you can still squeeze some fun out of playing whoever you like.
Headstrong, Beatbox, Coldstones, Resonant Evil are the best imho, I'd level them up if I were you.
Though I agree with the comment above, all characters can be good characters. (Except for when you're trying to achieve above 10% in gold pfs, but that is a lonng way down the road.) If you're still adamant on deciding on subjectively good characters, look up 'tier list' in this forum.

As for tips, as a newbie I wasted so many silver characters in power ups... biggest mistake I ever made in the game :( Power ups are pretty useless so save them for when you want to evolve
cold stone is really worth levelling to gold, its SA is really awesome, if youre lucky enough, you can kill any character with a stunlock
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Going through your roster, Headstrong, Cold Stones and Resonant Evil are the three you should focus on right now for reasons listed above but I will summarize just in case something was missed.

Headstrong's passive basically makes her throws provide cripple and armor break which can be a great asset against certain opponents, especially given how many of her Blockbusters are considered throws.

Cold Stones works off of his throws as well, and also has good stats in general, the fact you have three of them means you're in a good spot if you don't mind having multiple of the same type.

Resonant Evil requires a bit more RNG due to the percentages, but the armor and stun can come in the clutch against opponents who have higher hit combos. (Personally, I think he is a stronger AI opponent than player usage but that's just my take)

As for your Valentine question, it does bite that she does feel underwhelming all around. Most of passives are "okay" at best and Last Hope and Surgeon General get their best value by not being out on the field initially.

Considering how new you are to the game, I would focus more on finishing story mode as mentioned above and keeping track of your relic drops. I would also recommend to only buy the Premier Relics at the 10+1 value for the time being until you have a few golds in your pocket. At your current spot, any gold is a good one just because of how valuable they will be in future story challenges.

Once you get a team of three golds, you should pair them up and start leveling them so you can beat tougher challenges in the future.

Also be wary of future nodes in story mode which require circumstances that you may not be ready for (using 2x big bands, bronze only, painwheel only AND bronze only). Make sure you are using as many fighters as possible, since it was painful for me to find the few challenges I didn't have the right setup for and had to grind out the needed characters to make it happen.

If I missed anything or if you have more questions, feel free to ask.
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Like people said above: Try to finish the Story mode first. Hopefully pulling from the relics you get, you'll luck out and catch a gold character.

For now, I'd recommend to try and save up your coins and skill points for when you do net that one gold, then focus on leveling the gold you receive. It honestly doesn't matter too much which character it is, you just need a strong gold to carry you through Prize Fights.

Once you have at least 1 gold character you're pretty much on your way to getting 1-10% in PFs and getting more golds you can throw into a team. My first gold was Diva Eliza if I remember correctly. She helped me sneak into 1-10% ranking and I received Raw Nerv who quickly became my new main.
Just try to pull a gold character, it's a huge game changer and will let you snowball and collect pretty much any character you want in the end.

Welcome to the grind! :D
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Welcome to the grind. Like what most people said. Finish Story Mode first.
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Be sure to try to win the daily events. Good moves are pretty vital to advancement. A bronze character can usually win Advanced, and a silver can get you through Expert. Gold moves have better stats and do better damage.

Beatbox is good, so is Heavy Reign (Parasoul) if you get her. She's actually still in fairly heavy use for me in both a Bronze and as a Silver version.

Eliza's a pretty good character across all her versions once you get to know how to use Sekhmet effectively. It can set up some pretty long combos.

I do not understand any affection for Headstrong, but that's just me. Understudy all the way. 50% bonus throw damage is great, especially when I combined with Eliza's Nekhbet Breaker, which can then sometimes one shot people. It's pretty great with Cerebella's Diamond Drop too which, since it can't be blocked, is a really great move. Super effective for those annoying fights against enemies with the Unflinching buff.
Unless you're going for Accursed experiments (Which is so far down the line that you really shouldn't pay it any mind) Don't pay attention to tier lists, use what you want, finish the freebies, and go nuts! If you are adamant about taking advice from here, give Resonant evil some love, he gains armor when hit and has a chance to inflict stun when hit while he has armor.