• [2018/06/22]
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  1. S

    Bug - Normal Wetwork doesn't get enrage from countervenoms after the 1st one in a combo

    2nd and 3rd countervenoms also launch in the air so I'm not sure why they don't give enrage. Given the enrage only lasts for 7 seconds it is hard to get a lot of them anyways so I don't see why all the countervenoms shouldn't give enrage
  2. C

    Characters Valentine Pallete Suggestions (No Sig Ideas)

    1. Palette 21, Water Gold/Dia: 2. Palette 19, Fire/Light Silver/Gold I might add more later
  3. Razgriz09

    moved to the correct form page

    You can view my skin in the SG custom fighters page
  4. doggy.artist

    Leveling up a Fighters score

    I ended up pulling a Surgeon General Valentine a while ago and started to train her so she can go with my Persona Assistant Robo-Fortune and Jawbreaker Double. As I'm almost done leveling her up (3 levels away from max level) I realize that she and Robo-Fortune aren't going to be able to reach...
  5. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Valentine -100% meter syringe

    Valentine´s syringe VIAL HAZARD: Type A is removing all 100% opponent meter, instead of only taking arond 25%-35%-???% (mine is level 7) on hit or block. It´s really, really usefull, like wooooooow.... it´s a great buff, game changer, best meter control EVER!!!... And... well... You know...
  6. Docta E.

    Bug - Normal [RU] Bug with a special trick

    I found that when using the special move "Vial Hazard: Type A" at the enemy, the entire blockbuster bar is reset to zero, although it should be 25% I apologize for my English, I just use Google translate.
  7. ZeoW

    Other Indicate when Vial Hazard is Charged

    Vial Hazard is a Valentine special move where you tap once to charge, and then tap again to release the attack. Can't remember if there's any other special move like this for other characters. Anyway, it'll be great if there's some kind of cosmetic effect to show whether the move has been...
  8. Soaked-In-Soul

    No 3rd tier Blockbusters for Valentine Master Daily Event

    I’ve noticed that I wasn’t awarded a 3rd tier unblockable blockbuster move as a reward for beating the master level difficulty of Valentine’s daily event. Also, the preview of the rewards seem to change every time you view it. Is this a bug? Or is it just a random chance to earn that and the...
  9. PharaohValentine

    Who to Diamond?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I was wondering what you guys' opinion on this is. I currently have a diamond SG with Trauma Center + both an AG (with ICU) and a Tres Chique (about 50% skill tree so far and aiming for ICU) Now I have the dia fodder and shards to diamond...
  10. Arkantos

    Defensive Moveset?

    I'm asking for help regarding some characters that I generally use for defense in Rift battles. What moves would you equip to a purely defensive Valentine? What about Robo-Fortune?
  11. Pit Frango

    Bug - Normal valentine killjoy does not resurrect dead comrades with his SA2

    so I played a game of Prize Fights ... on my team I used Valentine Killjoy, Double Xenomorph and Valentine Surgeon General .... when only killjoy left I let her die to recover my other two characters but to my surprise no resurrected nobody ... and I ended up losing the match ... already...
  12. M

    Forbidden Procedure Drop

    I've noticed that some moves have a lower drop rate than others (like BB3s) but forbidden procedure seems to almost never drop. I’ve been playing since about a month after SGM hit the app store and in the past (what, three years?) I’ve only managed to get 3 gold versions and I think 2-4...
  13. D

    Bug - Normal Skill points

    Basically leveling valentine and not receiving any skill points for her. Just got a last hope today and leveled it to 11 but noticed I haven't been receiving any skill points ;/ pls help
  14. S

    Bug - Normal Dead on Arrival Glitch

    So I was participating in the Double Prize Fight and was fighting against a Valentine with Robocopy Big Band. She hit with me a burst attack, knocking me down and "giving her permission" to use her unblock able, Dead on Arrival. Her PF score was a bit higher so I already knew I was dead. The...
  15. theLoneskull

    The Doctor Will See You Now...

    Introducing Valentine: Valentine's role can fluctuate between a healer and a disabler. She has a respectable health pool, but doesn't do all that much damage, instead relying on several combat effects to keep her teammates and herself healthy while also inflicting numerous harmful ones on the...
  16. cappatacus

    Please Improve Valentine

    As soon as I got my first Valentine I immediately fell in love with her. Her playstyle felt nice, her design was good, and her voice acting/pre/post round tags conveyed a really cool character. Then I looked into her story from the original game, and I was even more interested! The ultimate anti...
  17. cappatacus

    Valentine's Marquee Abilities

    Which of Val's MAs is the best choice? (I'm looking at SG, if that makes a difference.) Does Trauma Center actually trigger enough to prolong a fighter's life? Or is it better to use ICU, which seems like a great counter to the all-powerful bleed that most top fighters rely on?
  18. Yomady

    Buff Or Debuff Special Moves Can Hit When Enemy Is Neraby

    I didn't really know how to title this one, and its more for experimental purposes till you find them out. As a demo, I've uploaded a few tricks when enemies are nearby, to try out! Theirs a few more, but am not going to list them all, also their pretty tricky to pull off unless you're versing...
  19. TehSterBarn1

    Bug - Normal Countervenom and Vial Hazard colors on Cerebella

    I noticed that when I use either Countervenom or Vial Hazard on Cerebella, the arm of Vice - Versa that's closer to the opponent won't change color like the rest of her body. It was something I just noticed while trying out the new Mortuary Drop, so I don't know if this is an old glitch or not...
  20. Fecge

    Bug - Normal Valentine - Trauma Center Bug

    Device Make and Model: Galaxy Tab A with S Pen SM-P580 Operating System: Android 7.0 Game Version: 2.5.2 The bug is that Valentine marquee ability Trauma Center states that it only works when she is alive but I have seen it activate multiple times when shes already dead. The screenshots are...