• [2018/06/22]
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  1. M

    Other PT-BR Nitpicks Pt. IV

    Woah! I am, yet again, very glad that most of Pt. II's content happened. This update (3.4.0) has been amazing, really. I actually wasn't sure if I should attempt to do this again. I don't really want the devs to feel like there's always an issue and that this series of threads is endless. I...
  2. Heresanameiguess

    Other Just some thoughts that I had.

    So, I absolutely love this game, I just want to make that very clear. One of the funniest, smoothest, and beautiful fighting games I've ever played. Now, as I was playing the game, I realized that some characters would have different things to say to/about different characters before a fight...
  3. StrikeV

    Theonite Abundance

    This post is about how much Theonite a player can get after completing story mode ( Both main story and origins ) Where can you get Theonite? Prize Fights There are 3 prize fights that can give Theonite : Bronze, Silver and Gold. For each prize fight, they can give you a total of 55 Theonite...
  4. Dennis Aguilar

    Fights The Prized Fights ruined?

    Hi Team Skullgirls. In this update I'm a little disappointed, because I'm heading to Prizefights and I fight with low nives, less than 1000 strength and my fighters are 6000 forces. I'm just gaining experience too low. No fights are equal to my fighters anymore and I do not want to use my level...
  5. Dr Wang

    Fights Jumping

    So the skullgirls we have today is very simple with the combos, such as beat extend and super sonic. And that if jumping was added it would change the whole game, but is it to much to add that feature? Since that it may throw off balance of every player, ( that isn't new and just started the...