• [2018/06/22]
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prize fights

  1. Blastze

    Bug - Normal Level up Glitch

    I've been encountering a level up glitch while playing in all game modes, whether it be Prize Fights, Daily Events or Story Mode. If any character receives sufficient experience to level up more than once in one fight. (Ex. Level 1 fighter goes up to level 7 in one match). The game will not...
  2. Blastze

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight Reward

    I have been encountering this issue the the Prize Fight game mode. Specifically when playing Medici Pit Fighting and Medici Shakedown. Milestone Rewards work just fine, the problem comes to the Event Rewards. Even after completing more than 30,000 points in the game mode (or whatever the...
  3. J

    Fights Prize fight no reward error

    anyone else getting an issue of getting over 1.7 million points in gold prize fights and not getting the rank percentage rewards? It just happened to me September 2-3 for the parasoul prize fights. I didn't get any reward.
  4. P

    Prize fight feels unfair

    I love the game, and have been playing since launch. That said in prize fight I do get quite annoyed that once you reach a certain difficulty you really have no chance to win. The enemies will get inblockable moves basically guaranteed around 5k+ and the higher you go the higher the chance of...