• [2018/06/22]
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prize fights

  1. D

    Bug - Normal Filia Moves in Fukua Prize Fight?

    Just logged in the game and go to claim my rewards from prize fight and I got this... (Can't upload the file)
  2. vucaar

    Gold Prize Fight Cutoff

    Note: I don't speak english so forgive me for my writing and drafting (take some popcorn and enjoy). Maybe it won't be a post that you would like, you player that place a lot of effort and time to get an outstanding score in Prize Fights, you would get a top 10 or not, but still it is a score...
  3. Am_Suitcase

    Dealing with Ms. Fortune's Gold PF

    Whats that? Cerebella's PF is ending and shifting to Ms. Fortune's? Oh man get ready then. For this is my first guide! To summarize the Ms. Fortune Gold Prize Fight, it is one of the most hated prize fights of them all. For the reason of it's modifier. Where if a fighter takes out someone and...
  4. Gamer_Shot69

    Fights Custom team presets

    It would be much more convenient if we could create custom 3 character team presets so we wouldn't have to go to the trouble of finding and replacing cards every time a different opponent calls for a different team layout or composition, if we could have presets they could act as shortcuts or...
  5. educavalcantee

    Suggestion on Prize Fights team composition

    Hello everyone! I want to ask a suggestion about what characters to use in my PF defense team. I was blessed by RNG with some of the best defensive variants, so I would like you to help me create the best team composition :) Right now I have (all gold): * Surgeon General - Trauma Center *...
  6. Prof. Rokferbranes

    Fights A Strange Yet Ultimately Harmless PF Bug(?)

    Alright, so the Prize Fights have been a bit buggy as of late, so I figure that I use this forum thing to document any unusual occurrences I find. So, I was claiming the defense points for the current Prize Fights (Night’s Ghoul). The Gold PF was fine, but the Silver one was a bit bugged. When I...
  7. K

    Prize fight order

    Does anyone know the prize fight order or pattern cause im really eager to get an eliza so i can diamond my bb
  8. P

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight screen overlap bug

    https://imgur.com/a/h4BNH8Y https://imgur.com/a/ko3qLUr This occurred when I was picking my fighters for the Bronze Painwheel PF. I remember picking In Denile, then tapping the "Team" button in the middle, the screen just froze for a bit and this happened. I'm not quite sure if I touched the...
  9. foxytherunner

    Bug - Normal Error code: 3.UDE.20

    I was just playing a prize fights, when i win a fight ans just appear this screen error and doesn't works no matter how many times I try.
  10. Diony

    Top 1-10% Silver Question - September 2018

    How many points should I have to be in the Top 1-10% on Silver? And Top 10?
  11. S

    Fights Sort enemy teams by total FS at streak 15+

    In this patch, you added a way to pick a difficulty, so to say, and you also mentioned that the average score balance out at a high streak. However, at high streaks the order is broken up and a 31.1k team can come before (above) a 29.2k team. This difference can go a long way if you use a team...
  12. TasiaChaan

    Prize Fight(s) Problem(?)

    It's just me or lately, the PF opponents are abnormaly agresive than before and the health meter are reduced quickly. I cannot handle all of my team and opponent's team keep attacking mine. Usually I can handle them. One more, the Fighter Scores on top order are drastically increase from 9k to...
  13. ShadowSpider

    Bug - Normal Zero Scratch damage on characters aside from Valentine

    so what just happened to me in a match was as follows: On my Iphone 8+, running IOS 11.2.6 I was fighting in the medici pf with a team of two low leveled bronze squiglys and a high lvl silver cera (the one that has the throw dmg special ability) the enemies are twice my cera’s strength (high...
  14. Renan Flippy

    Resolved Where's Show Me Your Moves PF?

    Today opening the game I see that the Prize Fight "Show me Your Moves" does not appear in the Prize Fights menu. Country: México
  15. Dr Wang

    Other Total mayhem prize fight

    Is it possible that there could be a prize fight that BB can charge up really fast and SM could have no cool down? And the prizes are exp or other stuff, the problems with this that some characters would be to over powered with their move set.
  16. Gamma Ray

    Fights Peacock Silver Prize Fight - Weak Modifier

    As of the current prize fight, the modifier for Peacock's Silver prize fight is to apply armor break on hit, if the opponent is blocking, for 5 seconds. My issue with this modifier is that it is almost completely irrelevant to the actual fight itself unless you make the occasional mistake...
  17. Renan Flippy

    Bug - Normal Bugged Prize Fights (Again?)

    Recently I realized that the Bronze and Silver Prize Fights are again bugged again (which also happened from the first versions of LINE Skullgirls). Here I send a Screenshot of a friend who also has the same problems in the mode. I do not think @moisterrific does these things (She's a goddess...
  18. Gamma Ray

    Bug - Crash Soft-Crash Bug - Dead on Arrival

    When fighting in Prize Fights, Graveyard Shift Valentine's Dead on Arrival created a soft crash bug. The timing of the bug occurred when eliminating Scarlet Viper Eliza and then attempting to perform the Blockbuster move as Doublicious Double entered the stage (Still not on screen/Jumping in)...
  19. B

    Fights Prize Fights AI Aggressiveness

    Guys i love this game except for one thing. I feel prize fight AI is way too aggressive in the beginning fights. That aggressiveness should be around streak 8 our so. The energy cost/ aggressive ratio/xp rewards if you lose is a bit off. Makes me not want to play it, but i need to, as its how...
  20. Oh my Ned!

    Bug - Normal Prize fights

    After the fights in prize fights does not apply the points multiplier, someone else happens ???