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Fights A Strange Yet Ultimately Harmless PF Bug(?)

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Prof. Rokferbranes, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Prof. Rokferbranes

    Prof. Rokferbranes New Member

    Feb 24, 2019
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    Alright, so the Prize Fights have been a bit buggy as of late, so I figure that I use this forum thing to document any unusual occurrences I find. So, I was claiming the defense points for the current Prize Fights (Night’s Ghoul). The Gold PF was fine, but the Silver one was a bit bugged. When I pressed the “Collect Points” prompt on the window showing the one fight which my defense lost, the game took around a minute to connect and prompted the “Failed to Connect” thing, the one with the Beep, the Boop, and the Meow. I backed out to the main menu and entertained myself with the chat for a minute. I returned to the PF collecting business and found that the Silver Fight still had the Claim thing available, which I pressed to find the prompt in the first picture. Despite apparently having no points to claim, I received a small amount of points that I assume would have been given to me had the game not fail to connect, as shown in the second picture. An ultimately harmless hiccup on the game’s part, but one that I’ve decided to share for the benefit of the game’s devs and all that jazz. Device: iPhone 7, version 12.1.4. SG Version 3.1.0 38BBD283-6E76-4104-8165-5C9F49429015.png 4EC3A756-D2E1-472A-84AA-C02709B3031A.png
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