• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Sandydandy

    Characters Lapis Luxury Rework

    Hey all, first post I’ve made here so quick apology if this post isn’t the neatest. I wanted to quickly write and ask about a potential change to one of my favorite palettes, Lapis Luxury Eliza. As many of you probably know Lapis is most likely the weakest Eliza’s in the game, next to Mummy...
  2. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Please make Dark Might a "useful" Hero

    Dark Might's SA2 can be fixed with: Tier 3 Blockbusters have a 35% chance to instantly defeat opponents with less than 50% health. Currently, both of his SAs aren't good for Rift. SA1 needs his allies to die and SA2 needs his HP be lowered, which will lower the Rift attempt Score and also a...
  3. T

    Characters Painwheel's Character Ability

    Isn't Painwheel's CA a bit useless? I can't really think of any reliable use for it and I don't even remember about it most of the time while playing her. In comparison to e.g. Eliza's or Beowulf's CAs it's just abysmal. Shouldn't it get a rework or something? So that players can actually use it...