• [2018/06/22]
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rift matchmaking

  1. Art3mes

    Rift Matchmaking or Bullying "Legally"

    So the coveted 4.2 update came in, we all are happy about everything, the rift, the juicy mission control, etc. But the rift matchmaking is still, kinda, unsatisfactory. The first plays were good, we get almost same lvl opponent, everything was running fine. But after it, when rift scores got...
  2. SheriffNick

    Starting Rifts

    I haven't really been able to find or maybe know what to search exactly. I am just starting rifts finally as my roster has started to flesh itself out. I dont really have much for catalysts and every single Rift I have faced is loaded with golds on every node making my base in comparison a...
  3. Tsukiakari

    Question and ask for advice about Rift

    To be specify, I'm Tsukiakari lv67 and I start Rifting a week ago, I can smoothly do Rift and match with people with relative strength. But Today I met a opponent at lv63, I can clearly his every other nodes fairly easy (tbh a little bit too easy) until I got to his boss node. That's Wither...
  4. Dusty00

    [Rift] Arranged timeframe for players to arrange fair matchups

    One of the main reasons many folks don’t like rift is that they do not think they are matched against “fair” opponents. Until the devs can have a chance to tune matchmaking, what if players make an attempt to coordinate here and/or on discord certain schedules for players to more likely match...
  5. nesteaisnasty

    Fights The (main) problem with Rift Battle mode

    This game is pretty much polished in every way possible but there's always some kind of trouble when it comes to real people playing with each other. Rifts were unbalanced in the very beginning, then the catalysts came but also the matching was fixed. But within some time the matching became...
  6. TraiP

    Other Rift Matchmaking in 3.3.0

    Overall 3.3.0 was a great update in all aspects of the game!! (despite the bugs) But i made this thread to nag a bit about the rift matchmaking. Overall I get pretty decent and even matches BUT at least once-twice a week I get the extremely unbalanced matches where the whole collections is made...