• [2018/06/22]
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special move

  1. 7

    Characters More special moves?

    So a trend I can see in the game's older characters is that a lot of special moves/normals got converted into blockbusters. I don't think this a bad thing per se, since it can help with block buster finishes, but it does mean there are more moves as blockbusters, making quite of few variants...
  2. ZeoW

    Other Indicate when Vial Hazard is Charged

    Vial Hazard is a Valentine special move where you tap once to charge, and then tap again to release the attack. Can't remember if there's any other special move like this for other characters. Anyway, it'll be great if there's some kind of cosmetic effect to show whether the move has been...
  3. R

    Characters Special moves menu

    It would be nice if we could have something like Marvel FF where you can see the characters perform special moves, rather than just their basic moves.
  4. BallotBoxer

    How to Burst?

    HOW TO BURST? The 4.3 patch brought accolades - generous goodies given for various accomplishments. In the Combat section, there are tallies for bursts, throw breaks, taunts, outtakes, and intercepts. Within less than a week, most of them are filled 100/100, except for bursts, frozen at 0/100...
  5. Yomady

    Bug - Normal Rift special move counting as a Blockbuster

    I was in are usual Rift match on the middle node under a boss fight, I used Double's (Doublicious) special move 'Luger Replica' for final hit which the scores came out as titled. Mean am still happy for the extra 100 points - thinking evil forces might grab this
  6. E

    Bug - Normal Squigly special move.

    Tapping to use a special move in the air, canceling the use, and carrying the wirm's tail, the canceled blow recharges. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ahb5hBJcpPFPuMFj3wLNA1vuYkDHKA?e=KBbqeK
  7. Pit Frango

    Bug - Normal Translation error

    I don't know if this is the right place to report translation errors, but ... There is a slight mistake in translating into Brazilian Portuguese. Where a special move from Robo Fortune (rotation hazard) says he has a 15% transfer of a positive effect to his opponent ... but the correct one is...
  8. 2nd

    Collection Add descriptions to moves in-game

    I often see new players in chat confused about what certain moves do, and I was too when I first started. Some moves that come to mind are Flesh Step, Center Stage, and Vial Hazard. Some confused players I saw in chat:
  9. TonyPartridge30

    Unblockable Giant Step?

    I've noticed this occurring for awhile now, but it happens so rarely that it always kind of leaves my mind right after. Is the special move "Giant Step" supposed to be unblockable if you get hit by the tip of it? Something I've seen happen to me before and just happened to me again in the Big...
  10. TonyPartridge30

    Fights Tag out mechanics

    While tag out moves are pretty niche, they can be extremely useful sometimes. For instance, I love using tag outs with Xenomorph because I can apply Doom to a new opponent without waiting the full 30 sec after applying it to the first opponent. Tag outs also give you some reprieve against...
  11. TonyPartridge30

    How to move backwards as Big Band using a special move?

    When facing an enemy Big Band, sometimes when they use a Sweet Clarinet or a Cymbol Clash move, instead of moving forward or standing still when using the move, they use it while moving backward. I’ve never been able to replicate this when playing as Big Band myself. Is there a trick to this, or...
  12. A

    questions for squigly special moves & usage of theonite

    hello, i'm noob player, who just get started 1 weeks ago. i got 'dead of winter squigly' from 1st anniversary gift relic, and now i'm curious about her SA. her SA says that when she get some armor, she deals 150% more damage. is there any special moves or blockbusters of squigly that gives...
  13. Shawesome

    Bug - Normal Brass Knuckles

    So I noticed this when the update dropped, and only now managed to get a photo of it. Whenever you win a fight, a bronze brass knuckles appears on each side of the screen, as so: I believe this is the consequence of how the Sekhmet Return, Hype Mode, and Squigly Charge are all similar to...