• [2018/06/22]
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Fights Tag out mechanics


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Jul 11, 2017
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New England
While tag out moves are pretty niche, they can be extremely useful sometimes. For instance, I love using tag outs with Xenomorph because I can apply Doom to a new opponent without waiting the full 30 sec after applying it to the first opponent. Tag outs also give you some reprieve against particular hard characters, and to a certain degree let you control the order in which you engage the opposing team.

That final point is what I'd like to touch on more. It seems to me, based on my use of the tag out move, that for the most part, the fighter in the 3rd position is too often immune to being forced in. I just had a fight against a Immoral Fiber, Bioexorcist, and Surgeon General, in that order. I wanted to take out the Surgeon General first, but my tag outs just alternated between forcing in Immoral Fiber and Bioexorcist, back and forth. Now, I don't know for sure the mechanics of how tag out moves are supposed to work, but it seems like, based on my experience, that it randomly swaps position 1 (the active fighter) with position 2 (the fighter next in line from the active fighter) or position 3 (the back fighter). However, alot of times, you can find yourself swapping the same to fighters back and forth, never bringing in that 3rd fighter simply because of bad luck. I'd like to suggest an alternative tag out mechanism:
  • Send the active fighter to Position 3 every time, instead of sometimes to Position 2. By always sending the active fighter to the back of the line, this would shift the position for each opponent on the enemy team: Fighter 2 -> Position 1, Fighter 3 -> Position 2, and Fighter 1 -> Position 3. In this way, you could always cycle through an entire team when using tag outs, and thus guaranteed to eventually be able to force out a particular character, so long as the enemy AI doesn't interrupt the order with its own tag in.
I like the consistency of this idea and feel like it's still balanced since tag out moves do 0 damage and take a few seconds off the clock. And, the AI could always do an unexpected tag in, changing the order of its team and making it harder to draw out a particular enemy fighter. I don't know if the current tag out mechanism is intentionally randomized so that sometimes you get stuck swapping the same two opponents over and over, but I would like to see tag out moves made more consistent and thusly more viable.
Great idea. Was very frustrating to try and force an SG on the rift boss node to the front with a tagout, but i kept cycling between the other 2 fighters - extremely frustrating.