• [2018/06/22]
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special moves

  1. Scorialimit

    Staple moves for each fighter

    We don't have an updated move tier list, but I never liked the move tier list since it doesn't explain what the moves do and they're awkward to compare. So instead, I made a list of staple moves, or moves that you would want to have around. They're not necessarily the best moves in all cases...
  2. Deeves

    Total amount of Canopies and Skill Points

    I'm not even sure if I'm in the right section but I was actually hoping if somebody can give me a link or a rundown on how much is the total amount needed for fully upgrading a character's skill tree for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond (no Marquee yet) with canopies and skill points. If it's...
  3. cappatacus

    Using Pummel Horse

    This sm has been thrown into just about every Cerebella combo I've seen. Yet, I have a lot of trouble ever getting it to land. For example, I've been told so often to use it directly after a launcher, but before the juggle. I've maybe gotten this to work a handful of times, but it usually autos...
  4. SoakingSamuel

    Which character has the best ability?

    I'm using Scrubs Valentine and PeaShooter Peacock, but they're both wind. Who should I replace them with?
  5. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal Merry Go-rilla combo bug

    If I use Cerebella, do the extended tap combo, MGR, then tap combo while the enemy is down, they will have gotten up while being hit, and I can do an air combo easily. Has happened multiple times. Doesn't work on Fillia or Peacock though works on everyone else...