• [2018/06/22]
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Using Pummel Horse


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Feb 1, 2018
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This sm has been thrown into just about every Cerebella combo I've seen. Yet, I have a lot of trouble ever getting it to land. For example, I've been told so often to use it directly after a launcher, but before the juggle. I've maybe gotten this to work a handful of times, but it usually autos into the juggle. Any tips??
The trick to doing launcher into Pummel Horse is to stop tapping after you swipe up and then press the Pummel Horse button.
You can use it after diamonds are forever. It will stagger the opponent and you can continue your combo.
The standard Pummel Horse combo is - L5 (that's your basic 5 tap ground combo) > Launcher > Pummel Horse
If you're messy with your inputs and tap the screen again after a launcher you'll go straight into a J3 (air combo). Be very careful to only swipe up once for the launcher, then tap on the Pummel Horse icon once.
Also be careful that Pummel can't catch certain characters after a launcher, like Cerebella and Parasoul.
As said above though you can catch those characters if you use Diamonds are Forever and Pummel after they bounce off the stage wall.

Final thing to note, You can only stagger someone once per combo. If you use a second Pummel in a combo, or do a Pummel after the opponent has already been staggered then they'll just stand immediately after you grab them.
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