• [2018/06/22]
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  1. X

    Filia Ringlet Spike

    I'm practicing the combo on filia and everytime I dash she hits them but the 2nd spike doesn't touch or she doesn't move at all. So I don't know if it's an update where she can't do it from a distance, because she can still do it I the corner but obviously I don't want to force myself to go in...
  2. 7

    New Combos with air launchers?

    Now that air launcher blockbusters have been adjusted to actually work outside of grounded opponents, I'm wondering if anybody has found new combos with them. Post any new combos/follow-ups you've found below, very interested in what new setups we have now.
  3. stale cheeto

    How does double juggling work?

    (no, i'm not talking about the character Double lol) Sometimes I see people juggle fighters in the air twice in a single combo or using certain moves to send fighters in the air, and then they'll do the air combo afterwards. How does it work? It's always confused me.
  4. LordOozy

    Annie Infinite Combo

    The conditions that need to be met in order to perform the combo are in the video's description. Enjoy!
  5. P4CTR4N

    Bug - Normal Filia and Fukua are Not reacting to Bogus Buzzard

    I recorded for my self in thet training room, is incredible annoying that you can do the Double special combo to all characters, "smaller ones and bigger ones" but when you try it with Filia and Fukua they destroy all the match, all your game to the garbage because Bogus Buzzard don't connect...
  6. Rudølf

    Bug - Normal Second Dash Delay Exceptions?

    Okay, as far as I know, when you start a hit with a dash, and use a dash again later on in the combo, it's delayed a bit. For context, think of the classic D1>G5>Launch>D1>Follow-up depending on character. You'd notice the second dash is delayed a bit (hafto admit I dunno why though). But, say...
  7. Mornedil

    [guide] Robo-Fortune tips and how to perform huge combos

    If you found this helpful, make sure to leave an upvote on the video! My robo kittens feed on them :>
  8. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Robo-Fortune 95-ish hit combo

    Requires: -Circuit Breaker -Fidget Spin -Headdrones (don't know how many, the combo has worked with 1, 2 or 3 headdrones, but against different characters) Combo: D1 -> L5 -> Salvo (headdrones mini-missiles) -> Circuit Breaker -> D1 -> L3 -> Launcher ((at this point the missiles will be...
  9. A

    Fights Fishbone to Pick (Master) TAF change

    Hi team, I think you do awesome work on this game and really appreciate y'all. I think the That's All Folks buff was effective and well-deserved. I think that the Master mechanic of "deal 0 damage if your combo is less than 10" is cool, challenging, and fun to work around. I also think that...
  10. Erick Draves

    R.I.P. Pseudo infinite Squigly´s Combos...

    So yeah! Battle Opera is not a safe reset combo anymore. Nothing more to say, hope this is for better... But a minute of silence for easy exp miners... (T-T)
  11. NinjaPenguin76

    Squig-Lee: Return of the Draugen (Advanced Combos Video-Guide)

    Howdy everyone ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ (Skip to the red text if you don't care about context and just wanna see the combos lol. It should be noted that these aren't meant to be implied as best combos or what you should even necessarily do, but rather examples of what you could do and why you might...
  12. Chocostix

    "Against Big Band" combo.

    pls ignore literally everything wrong with the video I'm actually curious though. How many of y'all actually don't know that you can connect PH immediately after her juggle?
  13. cappatacus

    Using Pummel Horse

    This sm has been thrown into just about every Cerebella combo I've seen. Yet, I have a lot of trouble ever getting it to land. For example, I've been told so often to use it directly after a launcher, but before the juggle. I've maybe gotten this to work a handful of times, but it usually autos...
  14. cappatacus

    Headless Ms Fortune

    What are some uses everyone has found with headless Fortune? I haven't played around with it too much, but I haven't managed to get much out of her headless mode. I have managed to extend her ground combo by maybe 20 hits with the head launcher, but that's hit or miss. Any tips?
  15. OozyGamer

    Double Basic to Advanced Combos

    I know it's been a while but I recently ran into some issues in regards to my PC. Anyways, here's another video demonstrating some basic to advanced combos for Double utilizing her most optimal special moves and blockbusters.
  16. S

    (New) AI activiting BB in between combos?

    Started playing this week, already pretty far with one gold pull and a few silvers. I hit a streak in silver PF where my "easy" option was 2x my total possible FS at 4,500 to my ~2,300. Almost clutched it out with Stone Cold until Parasol activated a BB in between the middle of my ground combo...
  17. cappatacus

    Best Parasoul Combos?

    I have trouble comboing w/ Parasoul, usually can't get much more than the normal ground/launcher/sweep. There's already a video posted of a combo of 89 hits, but that relied on having one opponent left and, in my attempts, only works on the sparring partners. Does anyone have good combos for her??
  18. OozyGamer

    The only Cerebella combo you'll need

    "Let's nerf Paraste Weave" (Full credit goes to ImaiKari for discovering this "optimal combo")
  19. OozyGamer

    Parasoul Basic to Advanced Combo

    Decided to make another video this time demonstrating some basic to advanced combos using Parasoul, while utilizing most of her special moves and Blockbusters
  20. Painbae

    Pinwheel fake combo (still needs testing)

    I may be overreacting but I could too with: Ground combo two ticks of wheel blades, gae bolg, ground combo into air as usual, when they fall (except fillia and parasol), two hits of ground combo into an ability, with some others like Valentine, Eliza, pinwheel and peacock you can do 3 hits...