• [2018/06/22]
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  1. skvllgirlz

    Annie Color Palette Ideas

    YEEHAW ANNIE'S COMING! And we are all excited! You know what else is exciting? Color palettes (or well... to me they are) I made an outline of Annie's idle sprite using a screenshot I took from her trailer video to make color palettes out of. The PNG version can be used on any art software, and...
  2. D

    What We Know? -Season 1 Spoilers&Speculations-

    Although there is a thread in Skullgirls' own forum, since this one will be all about the mobile version, i thought this place would be more appropriate. So this is what i got from the story modes and the game itself~ The spoilers for the mobile will be out in open but i will hide spoilers from...