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What We Know? -Season 1 Spoilers&Speculations-

Discussion in 'Story & Skullgirls Universe' started by Dot--PNG, May 10, 2017.

  1. Dot--PNG

    Dot--PNG New Member

    May 9, 2017
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    Although there is a thread in Skullgirls' own forum, since this one will be all about the mobile version, i thought this place would be more appropriate. So this is what i got from the story modes and the game itself~

    The spoilers for the mobile will be out in open but i will hide spoilers from the main game, just in case for the people who got into the game lore with this version and want to experience the story modes themselves stumble upon this thread :p

    • Theonite , the material the parasites and the living weaponry is made of, is a blue crystal. More you know!
    Egrets are nerds. But we know that.
    • Nadia is still one piece, so she and Fish Bone Gang stole the Life Gem AFTER the Skullgirl appeared in New Meridian.
    • Egrets don't seem to know much about ASG Labs' activities and experiments.
    Also, We have new interactions between Peacock's Goons. So that's nice.
    • Peacock was hunting down the Medicis long before the Skullgirl.
      Marie and Pea have a history together and she promises Marie to bring the Medici Empire for good.
      I didn't think she was just letting them be, but still.
    • This one i think is more on speculation side. If we were to take "eyes all over the city" thing Patty said literally, since Argus Unit is named after... Well, Argus Panoptes, that means there are about a hundred eyes scattered around New Meridian. Perhaps ASG Labs have arsenals all over the country.
      That would also explain how she doesn't have a problem with her guns , knives and explosives despite Lab 8 being obliterated throughout different story modes. And here i assumed there was just one real damn sturdy one!
      Then again i wouldn't take her words for it.
    • Cerebella is perfectly okay about eating from random crates , barrels and oil drums
    Why would you leave still eatable chicken dinner in an oil drum??
    • Medici Tower has 100 floors.
    • Panzefaust is foreign, but stayed beside Parasoul for the beefier good.
    • Also Panz was brainwashed.
    Panzerfaust (as in the rl weapon) was developed by German, so i wonder if he is from Rommelgrad as well.
    • OK, here's the arc that is aching to happen; Cerebella is from No Man's Land. (Minus Faust since we don't know where he's from, that makes 3 of them)
    • Also her homeland was INVADED, and didn't simply fall into anarchy because of war.
    • She is unaware of what Medici has been up to.
    • Bella was 5 the least, 13 at most when she arrived at Canopy. It is easy to say it was before slave traders and anarchist showed up and crap hit the fan.
    • She seems pretty upset about how Renoirs messed up her home, i wonder how she'll react what became of it thanks to Medicis ~
    • So, since Marie seemingly just became the SG, the prequel seemingly takes place in April.
    • Origin story of Marie's minions revealed.
    • Also now we know why Parasoul didn't do anything about the Mafia. It was simply postponed.

    I think these are all? Please don't be shy to correct my mistakes and reply with your thoughts. I really want to babble about these and more.
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  2. Cellsai

    Cellsai Oh Sai

    May 8, 2017
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    I think what really surprised me the most about the current storylines was how brazen Lorenzo is in openly defying the Canopy Kingdom.
    I mean, we knew he was powerful, but he flagrantly laughs down both Parasoul and the Skullgirl in person. Life Gem is a hell of a drug!
    You might remember Lorenzo as the guy who ordered the attack on Squigly's family, and then later as the extremely old man at the end of Eliza and Peacock's stories. He's been using the Life Gem to stay young, and apparently invincible for years which is why he shrugged off Marie's attacks. Ms. Fortune eventually steals the Life Gem and gains it's powers, forcing Lorenzo to very rapidly age.
  3. Dot--PNG

    Dot--PNG New Member

    May 9, 2017
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    (Sorry, Can't believe i forgot to reply)
    That's also what i think, but also now that i think of it he also probably trusted his allies in No Man's Land, who have the most of weaponry left from Fallen Governments if not all. Considering how close Canopy and Rommelgrad is (i mean a 12 to 15 y/o Marie crossed the borders all by herself), it wouldn't take long for his backup anarchists to arrive.
  4. Magma442

    Magma442 Moderator

    May 9, 2017
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    Honestly if I found a fully cooked five star meal in a barrel or a wall, still hot and tasty, you'll bet I'll eat it.

    Bella's got the right idea.

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