• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal "Error conecting server" and Streak lost

    I was playing the Gold Annie PF, and selected a team to fight, then the loading screen apeared, but it lasted more than usual, and the "Error conecting to our servers, please try again" apeared (Not shure if it was the classic beep buup miau error. your energy was not consumed, clicked actually...
  2. moomouse

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight streak bug

    This is kind of hard to explain, but I'll try my best. I had just finished a match and it was taking an abnormal time for the game to move on to the point/exp screen. Then, suddenly, the screen changed back to where you pick which team you are going to fight. It gave me the message that my...
  3. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal The problem with price fights streaks and loading screen

    I have a huawei p20 lite I have this problem since the update was released with the awards for advancement in the game, it was supposed to have been fixed according to what I read here in the forums but the problem remains, it is annoying basically happens with any fight, in the end the fight...
  4. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal Lost of streak of price fights

    I have a huawei p20 lite When I win a price fight the loading screen (that with the little bomb walking) takes a long time to load and then the screen goes black without show the experience or any Stat and then count the fight as lost, I lost 7 streaks today, This is getting too annoying, since...
  5. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal Win the fight but the game counted it as lost and erased my streak

    I have a 17 fight streak and win this one but the game freeze after win cinematic and says the text to recover my streak
  6. B

    Bug - Normal Prize fight streak theonite error

    Hello, I am a relatively new member to the forums, and I have been playing the big band prize fight. I have lost my prize fight streak and bought the streak back with 40 theonite and fought someone and I won. However, it appears that I have lost and my streak ended again. Does this error happen...
  7. Luke

    Resolved STREAK BREAKING crashes (edit i updated to ios 11)

    This is not ok! Ipad air 1, IOS 10 I have crashed in midfight, finish screen and enemy team selection that when logged back in my prize fight streak is ZERO. I can understand the midfight and finish screen crash to reset my streak and I have to admit bad luck. But what is with enemy team...