• [2018/06/22]
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tips & tricks

  1. Mornedil

    Tips on using Headless mode to pressure opponents

    I made a video a couple days ago and I was told I should post it on the forums, so here we are! [Ms. Fortune] How to use Headless mode to pressure opponents This is the method I use in almost every fight to keep putting pressure on my opponent without having to block, so Ms. Fortune can keep...
  2. Mornedil

    [guide] Robo-Fortune tips and how to perform huge combos

    If you found this helpful, make sure to leave an upvote on the video! My robo kittens feed on them :>
  3. Am_Suitcase

    Dealing with Ms. Fortune's Gold PF

    Whats that? Cerebella's PF is ending and shifting to Ms. Fortune's? Oh man get ready then. For this is my first guide! To summarize the Ms. Fortune Gold Prize Fight, it is one of the most hated prize fights of them all. For the reason of it's modifier. Where if a fighter takes out someone and...
  4. V

    Help, I don't know how play with this marquee ability (CHAOS)

    Hi, Right now I'm playing with this gold Doublicious. It's lv 42 and all hers blockbusters & special move increase the crit rate. Her marquee ability is CHAOS, but I have serious problems using this Marquee ability, I've lost several High Streak Prize Fights My fight style is kinda defensive...
  5. Yomady

    Big Band Counter Using Noise Cancel

    Whilst standing at the far side of the screen (you don't need to be close to do this), whilst to say if Painwheel was to use "Gae Bolga Stinger", you can't use Big Bands move to counter and stun the opponent by using "Noise Cancel". Obviously your chances of hitting stun are still the same as...