• [2018/06/22]
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  1. G

    Other Itens and characters tradding

    Hi everyone I'm with a suggestion for the skullgirls mobile team, that may be good for the both sides (players and developers). The developers can create a crypto wallet that accepts BTC or ETH. The players will be able to make bets on player x player or make subscription on tournaments. Also...
  2. C

    Character trading

    I believe some kind of trade should be in game. In my opinion it should be something that “pay to play” players can’t take advantage of but still achievable to “free to play” players. In order to achieve this feature this would be my idea... 1. players must reach lvl 30 (only achieved after...
  3. Carlos Animax

    Characters Suggestions about that characters

    I was post this type suggest 1 year ago aprox. I hope don't problem, I think can be a good idea, I enhance a little the post. n.n But if repeat it's bad, I can erase, don't problem. :3 I have some suggestions about a future Update for Trade of Characters, What do you think? I hope you like...
  4. You cant beat D

    Other Friend and guild concepts

    i was curious as to what friend and guild systems would work like in this game, so i made a few concepts, with Some Conceptual photos to boot. Starting with guilds, i'd personally go the route of the guild skill tree, guilds have levels and the leader and sub leaders/second in commands can...
  5. Carlos Animax

    Other I have some suggestions about Characters.

    I have some suggestions about a future exchange / Trade of characters, and as this year comes an update on the introduction of alliances, he thought it might be interesting. What do you think? I hope you like and interest this suggestion. :) If they are Fighters of (Bronze). Canopy: 1,000 or up...