• [2018/06/22]
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Jun 4, 2017
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I spent all the blue gems I was saving 2500. 1500 for Eliza and 1000 for the general. Only got two silver and the rest were bronze.
This game (ლ‸-) plus the inconsistency of the tapping (╯°益°)╯┻━┻
Supposedly the character relics have WORSE gold rates than the normal relics, so they're basically a scam unless you just really really need that exclusive gold character.
There's nothing worse in F2P games that work with gatcha systems than the feeling you get after spending all of your hard-earned premium currency on draws that net you nothing worth the time you spent on working towards that draw. I've played a LOT of F2P games, and while this game does a good job of giving you lots of premium currency if you complete all the dalies and hit all the milestones in Prize Fight, and also rewards you with gold cards for placing in the top percentages, the relic draw system I feel could use some changes. The Shard to Get relic as a means of rewarding you for spending your currency on character relics is a nice idea, but when that relic returns a silver character card you've already pulled numerous times, and that's after your 11x relic draws likely net you all silver and bronze cards, you tend to not see it as much of a reward anymore. You could argue that if they always gave gold cards that there would be a diminished value on gold cards in general, but when you think about the tedium involved in collecting all of the premium currency to make all those draws and get nothing good in return, the game itself becomes less competitive in terms of which games you want to spend your time playing as your time in this game becomes less important. This is especially true once you've completed all of the story fights, as there is now no way to get new character cards or relics outside of Prize Fight and gatcha draws. The gameplay is still fun, but as a mobile game where your characters run out of stamina after 2-3 fights, I only feel compelled to play in one or two short bursts a day, if even that, in favor of other more rewarding games.
Only received a couple golds through openings, I got most of my gold characters through Prized Fights.
I would like to get the exclusive cards. At least two of them for sure.
I used to play a Chinese F2P game, and they did not provide as much premium currency through dailies as this game. However, they had the same system where you can summon or draw 1 or 10 cards. If you selected the 10 card option, you were guaranteed a gold card.

It is frustrating, is all.