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Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

What do you want the most for 2021?

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Present condition: Daily events got different map layouts for different characters which is pretty cool. It also enables player, stuck at particular node, to "clear" different route to the next node. It, somehow, favours the player.

As a lvl69 and having completed those daily events many hundred times, it has become a complete bore to complete it.

New suggestion: Hardcore Mode
It will not favour the player. It will be more like a "survival mode".
  • The number of total nodes will be same.
  • First you'll fight against single character node then double, then triple and finally the boss and treasure nodes.
  • For player selection, you are allowed to select only one character which will also be the character required to clear the treasure nodes. For example, in Beowulf daily event, you are supposed to select only one Beowulf.
  • No health increment or reset after completing a particular match.
  • This mode will hate you.
  • First you beat the first opponent, "you win" will appear, then the loading screen, then the next node will start automatically.
  • Your health will be same as in the last match and your BB will be reset to zero.
  • It'll save hell lot of time.
  • Upon losing any match, you'll have to start over and your previous player will lose all his energy bars.
  • The XP gained will also be the total of full map, uneffected by X2 XP booster.
  • It'll will also prohibit certain characters, such as Flytrap, you know why.
The ultimate goal of this mode is to save TIME.
I think this mode will greatly benefit late game players.
Feel free to share your opinions.
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sgm start date: ive honestly forgot but probably around 3 years ago
account level: 69
catalog count: 121/170
highest rift rank: gold 1

i absolutely love this game to death and have spent countless hours grinding and playing it from starting off not knowing how to air combo with rerun to now with a decent chunk of diamonds and that same rerun now at gold. but that doesnt mean i dont have some issues with the game

ive noticed that theres not much content to keep me that dedicated to playing besides new fighters coming out and holiday prize fights. this is mostly just due to the lack of endgame content after beating story mode 100% , i would do the three star challenges but the rewards are to hard for the little rewards you get from them, and besides prize fights theres little reason to come back. i think a new mode should be added that can entise players to return with high tier rewards, and this can also inspire low levels to keep going to get those prizes as well.

daily events should also be tweaked they are to easy even on master mode, the rewards suck and arent worth the time minimal xp, barely any coins, and the moves arent that great either. revamping these events to be more difficult with better rewards would make the world of a difference and hell maybe even offer a character relic for completeting the hardest mode or all of them pick your posion. maybe also add a weekly coin daily event similar to how accursed experiments is for xp, dont make it have as many coins as medici prize fights but still plentiful nonetheless. speaking of accursed experiments i think a higher tier version of it should be added keep the current version of accursed for mid tier players but put in a higher level version full of natural diamonds and high amounts of xp.

prize fights could use some changes and its just with the rewards. the rewards have stayed the same since the game launched the gold fighters should be cycled out from all the variants available for that fighter minus elemental exclusive relic fighters. the rewards for each pf level should be changed as well high ranking silvers should get golds and high ranking gold pf's should get either a diamond fighter or diamond relic shards. ive seen others complain about the top 10% bracket and yeah it is getting high maybe there should be a guranteed milestone you should be able to reach and get a gold fighter.

some quality of life changes id like to see would be to make disconects on pvp grant the person who didnt disconect the win. ive gone not acredited for many games because the other person rage quit i think itd be alot better for the pvp experience to put in something as simple as that. another change should be for timeouts against the ai, many times expecial during the holiday prize fight ive lost to teams that win with one fighter on 1% health. i think to make this situation more fair to the player the time out feature from pvp should be put into ai fights i know that technically it would be easier to time out the ai than a person but that tactic would be so boring and long that it wouldnt be viable nor should it come in the way of leveling the playing field. another simple change would be to lower the amount of popup offers you recieve when getting a gold fighter or maxing a fighter out or when i log in.

another thing would be benefical to gwtting rid of repetitiveness would be to buff old fighters now adays in prize fights i see to many of the same fighter harlequinn, surgeon general, untouchable, primed, resonant, kill joy, brain freeze, bio excorcist, etc etc. buffing old fighters would definetely put a breath of fresh air into the stagnant pf meta or to a higher extreme nerf the current best fighters youve done it before with princess pride you could do it again with other top tiers.

despite all the faults i pointed out i still love this game and hope that it does eventually get the huge spot light it deserves and i look forward to more years of playing this amazing game.
SGM Start Date: Summer 2018
Player account level: 70
Current catalog completion: 138/170
Highest Rift 2.0 Rank: Diamond 3
My three biggest wishes are:
-More story modes: Ascent of a Woman leaves a major cliffhanger for the in game story that feels like it’s never gonna be resolved. Plus more Master origin stories feel like it’d be less challenging to implement compared to the others. While I’m not a part of HVS, so I can’t say for certain, I feel that making Master stories would be easier compared to things like implementing guilds because it’s just coming up with fighters and modifiers on nodes, and then copying the rest of the story text from the previous three difficulties.
-Upgraded training mode: At late game, SGM is a fairly complex system. There are tons of catalysts, modifiers, and fighter combinations to worry about. Being able to sculpt everything about what happens during the training mode would make it much easier to experiment in a controlled environment without the fear of the consequences of losing in Rift looming above your head. My idea is that the player can decide what variants they fight, what modifiers are active, what catalysts are active, what moves the enemy fighters have, if there’s a certain amount of time to beat the enemy, and whether the AI can fight back or not. I admit this is complicated, and I’m not 100% sure if a mobile game could support this, but being able to lab specific defense nodes would help a ton late game with all the light bosses floating around.
-Other: Anybody who knows me would know there’s one important thing that should be altered in this game: the relic RNG. Yes, bronzes should be the most common, but the problem for late game players like me is that bronzes become nigh useless at this point. An 82% chance for something I can’t use unless I have a ton of to combine into better fodder is a bit too high. I personally believe that they should take somewhere around 5-15% of the bronze rate off of bronze and give it mostly to silver rate and a little bit to gold rate. It’s a small percentage, but that alone can make a big difference for everyone. I’d also like a longer, more difficult variation of Accursed Experiments. With all the new fighters, modifiers, and buffs, they have a lot more ways they could make it a difficult, but even more rewarding challenge. Also, if she ever gets implemented, the Marie 300% boss from 2nd Encore would make a perfect final boss.
SGM start date:
Early summer 2019

Player account level:
h.. which account xD? Highest account is level 70.

Catalog count:

Highest rift 2.0 rank:
I reached Diamond 2 with a level 25 account to prove a point once.
But on my main account, I think the highest I've been is Diamond 3.

For me personally, new characters & variants are low on the priority list. But it's always a nice treat for players to get something new to work towards, and it's also a nice way to boost relic sales. So overall, I think the occasional new variant is healthy for the game. (Also, who doesn't like new characters? Annie is awesome)

I'm going to mention Guilds and End Game Content in the same section.
Okay, so.. Rift 2.0 is pretty good, and I appreciate how they keep improving it.
But I still miss rift 1.0, because it was a continuous progress each week. After it was reworked into 2.0, it took the only end-game content we had and turned it into "yet another weekly grind".
What I'm trying to get at, is that I would love to see Guilds introduced together with some sort of end-game mode where we can climb in ranks, either within the guild itself, against other guilds, or both.
I don't know what the mode would be, but it could be similar to rift 1.0, with big bases, maybe even collaborative bases using fighters from multiple guild members.
(these are all wild ideas and it could be something entirely different, I just really want an end game mode, and I'm looking forward to guilds).

Dailies definitely need a rework. They're easy, yet very tedious.
I don't really like the idea of dailies being a map similar to story mode, that just resets on a cycle.
Not everything in the game needs to be with nodes. It works great for Story Mode, but it gets very stale when you have to complete the same maps on a weekly cycle.
What I'd like to see for dailies is some sort of character-themed quick play mode, where you just choose your fighter (limited to the appropriate character) and click "Fight", then you complete the daily, and it's over.

The new daily mode could literally be anything, but one idea I've had is a sort of "Survival Mode".
Like, you pick a single fighter to use, and then you play continuous fights with increasing difficulty.
Your health is saved from the end of the previous fight (or recovered by something like 10% between fights). And then you just continue until you die.
This would solve multiple issues. First of all, say goodbye to 4 different difficulties to complete. It's just 1 mode for everyone of all levels, just that higher levels can survive for higher streaks, thus get the higher level rewards. Also, no more menus to navigate through! All you have to do is press "Fight" to start the next fight.
The mode structure could also introduce different variants of the character at certain streaks to keep a character theme. For example (robo survival daily), you'd see prototype at streak 2, M-30W at streak 5, Nyanotech at 7, BBomber at 10, etc. and with the fighters in-between randomized.
As for rewards, coins/SP/Moves could have a random chance to drop after each fight, with the amount and rarity depend on how high your streak is. (1-10 = bronze moves, 11-20 = silver, 21-30 = gold, 31+ = master difficulty rewards). And the first time each day when you reach certain streak milestones, you get rewards corresponding to the current treasure node / 100% completion rewards for all difficulties, spread out over something like a 40 streak (which is still less fights than we have to do now, plus there's no menu navigation or energy management).
That's my idea for what could be a new daily!

I would REALLY like to see some QoL changes regarding moves.
I think we need:
  • Filter moves by stats.
  • Sort moves by how much of a stat they have.
  • The ability to save move presets.
  • Sell a move from the equip menu without scrolling back up to the top (god i hate this).

Wow.. I wrote a lot, and I'm not even sure what kind of topic i'm on anymore. It's a mix of random wild ideas, and some things I'd like to see in the game.

To close off, I can say that I wish there was a way to get character-specific catalysts without having to rely on Cabinet RNG.
It's actually ridiculous how rare it is to find a specific character catalyst, if you're looking for one. I've been looking for Ms. Fortune Super Slowmo for over 1.5 years.
SGM start date: iirc 9.2019
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 127/170
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Hero

Rift is still hard for newbies. And also for my opinion, this game's main isn't PvP but many ppl play SGM so in-game community system have to exist. We need Guild system.

New Origin stories and main stories too. There hasn't been new stories for long term...

New game mode like Marie Raid or Endless dungeon(?) too. I think end-game players will feel boring about Rift(at least I am...). I'm sure many ppl will welcome after new game mode appears.

well my English skill isn't good I feel sad... but I did my best with my Eng dictionary. I hope you understand what I want to say. :D

And also very cool post @Dusty00 ! Thanks for making this seat to say my opinion :)
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SGM start date: Sometime in June/July 2018
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 130/170
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 3

I personally do not play PvE gamemodes often anymore, and instead almost entirely play versus mode. I like all of the options on this list, but the decision came down to where I saw the most glaring needed changes.

First of all, I chose "PvP fixes and PvP events". While I don't entirely agree with the wording, it falls along with what I want most. I want PvP balance and PvP rewards. The current PvP meta is horribly polarized to the point where many characters are invalidated in top level play. Cerebella, Filia, Beowulf, Robo Fortune, and Painwheel stand almost no chances against Ms Fortune, Peacock, and Squigly. Personally I believe the list of 5 I gave needs some level of buffs, and the list of 3 all need some level of nerfs (Ms Fortune especially). Also within this category, I think that PvP should have more rewards than the "10 theo per day" currently. If I play PvP, I like to do it for more than 1 game. There are also days I don't feel like playing PvP at all. The current reward standard encourages this hollow one and done, and more people just do win trades rather than actually playing the gamemode. Having some more constant reward like coins or theonite for more than one game would incentivize more actual sets and gameplay.

Second, I chose "
Upgrade training mode". This one is surprisingly underrepresented, but the way training mode is now it does very little. There are a ton of HUGE features left out of training mode I would like to see. First of all, the training dummies have too little health. I believe they have the same health pool as they did before diamonds came out. This makes trying to lab combos on my stronger fighters a hassle, and sometimes leading me to upgrade some base bronze skill trees just to use training without the dummies dying in 5-30 hits. I also think there should be an option to make them bleed immune so if someone's only Filia with moves and juggle unlocked was BHD, they wouldn't have to keep refreshing if they killed the character they wanted to lab on. That also brings me to my next suggestion, PLEASE make enemy characters pick-able. The largest flaw with training mode for me right now is how you need to refresh several times as well as bring a backup fighter with an outtake to try to get the fighter you want to lab against. It makes it significantly harder to learn combos against band/double as they are both heavies with incredibly different hurtboxes, but it's a 1/15 chance to find them. Trying to also figure what extension works on what fighters (ex: pw's g5 stinger g5 route) makes it a painful scavenger hunt to try to get each fighter to appear. Half of my training mode time shouldn't be spent in constant refreshing trying to find double. I also have one more wish for training mode, but this one is more complex. I would like to have the ability to test debuff/buff interactions as well as test SA interactions. The amount of trial and error you have to do out in real fights is terrible, and it often leads to a random unexpected turn causing you to lose a fight. Having buffs/debuffs available in training could help new players learn what debuffs/buffs look like and what they do before having to learn the hard way.

Lastly, I chose "Guilds". Guilds have been teased for YEARS now, and I believe they have a lot of potential. Because they don't exist I don't have any clue where to start groundwork, but I have many complex cool ideas in my head. Perhaps guilds could also be a good social hub. If guilds don't end up adding anything social, could there be some sort of added messaging system? It's very hard to randomly encounter people I see in rifts/PFs/PvP in chatrooms, and there are a lot of discussions I want to have with people about strategies/combos/team comps they use. I also hope guilds have some gameplay merit to them, encouraging active communities.

I would also like to give honorable mention to "More characters", because the last two character releases have been incredibly fun to play with. They affect each and every game mode and add something new.

That's all for my 2021 SGM wishlist, thanks to whoever reads all of this!
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SGM start date: iirc 9.2019
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 127/170
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Hero

We need new game mode.
Rift is still hard for newbies. And also for my opinion, this game's main isn't PvP but many ppl play this game so Guild system have to exist. We need Guild system.

New Origin stories and main stories too. There hasn't been new stories for long term...

New game mode like Marie Raid or Endless dungeon(?) too. I think end-game players will feel boring about Rift(at least I am...). I'm sure many ppl will welcome after new game mode appears.

well my English skill isn't good I feel sad... but I did my best with my Eng dictionary. I hope you understand what I want to say. :D

And also very cool post @Dusty00 ! Thanks for making this seat to say my opinion :)

I understood what you wanted to say and I agree completely, we should get a new mode
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Eliza Decrypted getting her old SA2 back.

I’ll do a more formal comment later, but an end game mode is really important to me. Maybe some sort of random battle generator like prize fight, but you don’t lose your place if you lose a battle. I don’t know I’m not a developer....
SGM start date: Late May-ish 2017 (I think I downloaded it at launch er so)
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 149/170
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 4

My 3 wishes
1. Guilds- I would love to interact with other players more! Building a sense of community within the game is actually really fun.

2. Revamping old content- Like the above replies said, I just think Prize Fights and Dailies just need a little sprucing up. There really is no incentive for a lot of mid and late game players to play basic and advanced modes because no one really likes to waste time getting bronze/silver moves when they can go straight for gold moves. Unless they're hardcore and want to get the few extra coins.

The only problem with prizefights right now is that they still start off very slow and so the hardest part is giving myself the willpower to get through the first 10-14 mindless fights before actually fighting actual enjoyable teams in the later streaks. And I agree that there should be some incentive to get top 10 in the pfs, like a few diamond shards or like a few character relics of the fighter the pf is for.

These two modes are what people play everyday. Making them a little more fun should improve the longevity of the desire to play the game.

3. QOL- Yeah I'm just tired of changing my movesets because I need to change the stats on a character. Or the rift change and now I have to change a lot of the characters in the map layout. I procrastinate, a lot.

While I would've put more stories in top 3 I know that creating more content for story mode actually takes a lot of time for the devs and then players complete it in like an hour. So until they've got an easier way of getting more content in story mode I think it'll be benched for now.

While PvP events would be fun it's kinda difficult especially since rage quitters and bad internet connections can make this mode... a bit of a hassle. (Yes we love the 2 fps fights)

I've been a long time player in skullgirls mobile and I love this game. While things have changed and I no longer am able to play as much as I used to, I still try to make time for this game everyday. I'm still aiming to get every Beowulf! I'm excited for whatever changes come to this game!
Made a forum account just for this.

Join date: Right after Squigly came out (Don't remember when that was)
Player Level: 67
Catalog Count: 110/170
Highest Rift Rank: Gold 1

I've been playing the game off and on for a while, but honestly for someone like me, I find it hard to keep up with all of the things during a week. Prize Fights, Dailies, and Rifts. Implementing an easier system for these things such as, making dailies harder (or just more fun to do in general), making Prize Fights less of a chore to start off with with better milestone rewards (not asking for Holiday Pf level), and with rifts, I was one of the people who found it much easier to progress with the implementation of 2.0, but as it is now, it's just another weekly grind that we have to do. I don't mind doing rifts in general, but it becomes hard to keep up with and place where I'd like to place when I have so many other things to do in game and outside of the game. I'm not able to sit down and grind out Daily Events, Prize Fights, and Rifts. I'm not worried about grinding, but grinding becomes a problem when it becomes boring to do.

New Game mode: I'm not exactly endgame myself, but it's rapidly approaching. A new endgame mode would give me something else to work towards, and have fun with while taking a break from doing things like Rift and Prize Fights. A suggestion could be something sort of like a "Boss Rush", where you'd go against Boss Nodes and Treasure Nodes of increasing difficulty. Things like Prize Fight modifiers, Master Mode modifiers, and maybe Catalysts, with more and more powerful fighters with them. You start off with something simple like, a 15k team with something like Curse of Knowledge, then once you get to a streak of 5, you'd go against something like, a 50k team with multiple modifiers. The higher you go, the more HP and Atk the fighters on the node will have (with a cap of 500% like Prize Fights.) Better rewards the higher you go, but there's obviously gotta be a limit, right?

: I think it'd be an interesting thing to explore. More interaction between players, maybe something like GvG (Guild vs Guild), or just something that could be used to help new players grow. There could be a guild bank feature, where players can donate keys, coins, and sp to the Guild Bank to help other players in the guild. The idea of Guild vs Guild is kind of weird, because you'd naturally think that it'd be dominated by guilds who have the top players, so maybe put guilds into divisions based on overall power, or collection size, so that way guilds with less people or less powerhouses can reach the top in their respective division. The idea of guilds has been teased for so long without much say on it, and I'm just really excited to see what you guys have in store.
Just remembered a neat idea in regards to move "evolution" (maybe "forge" would be a better term?) that was previously suggested by @Mornedil quite some time ago that I feel like is worth to put back into the spotlight. Move stats are huge RNG; there's literally ZERO ways to plan your move sets aside from hoping that you pull a move that you want with the right stats. I want to be able to use underrepresented variants in the high leagues but to do so, I need very specific moveset and stats for that variant to be as good as I believe it can be. Having a way to plan the stats of moves is not only great for f2p players to feel some sort of progress or goal to work towards but it can also be part of the strategy for those competing for the top title. I hope the devs really do consider this idea.

Link to the original thread: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/feature-suggestion-evolving-bronze-silver-moves.15930/
SGM start date: August 2018
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 133/170
Highest rift 2.0 rank: G1 (rift 1.0 - D4)

I’m going to focus on the three things I voted for in the poll, and that’s story updates, prize fight restructuring, and Quality of Life updates.

I care about Master Origins the most, followed by more origin stories. Master stories *is* new endgame content; it’s the best place to grind out levels on my diamond fighters while also pushing my fodder through the ringer for evolutions. It sucks that I’m restricted to using peacock in every match; I quite literally have one silver pea total and 15 evolved gold peacocks I don’t need. I’d love to push other characters through the silver-to-gold-fodder progression the same way for diamond evolutions. Big Band, Painwheel, Parasoul, Valentine, Filia, and Squigly are all ready for a Master Mode.

I care about more origin stories for two reasons: gameplay reasons that I already listed, and the Skullgirls community that cares about lore. When Filia and Squigly stories launched, Twitter exploded with new Skullgirls art. A solid week of posts spoke about Sienna Contiello and how she became Squigly. The community that loves these characters don’t just want a game to play; they want lore to explain their favorites and flesh out the Skullgirls universe, and that is in your hands to create. I have friends who did not play when Annie was released who DID play when a new story dropped. It may not be what causes direct money flow, but it *is* a conduit to growing the fan base and keeping it connected to the Skullgirls universe. Please don’t forget that.

I am not too worried about expansions to the main story. I feel like origins does that job better than the current storyline does. A continuation would be nice, but not imperative, at least to me.

On to Prize Fight/Daily Restructuring! The addition of Character/Element requirements was a nice touch for the sake of variety. Unfortunately, the reward system makes for a lot of “the strong get stronger” with its percentage based rewards and medici top 100 restrictions. Personally, I tried for top 100 in Medici just once, wound up with the rank of 102, and felt so terrible about the experience that I never tried it again. Character pfs keep giving golds to people who already have golds and diamonds with just a few hours of playtime, while mid-tier players trying to get their first gold of a character play for tens of hours through the three days only to get hit with an 11-30% tier reward (this happened to a friend of mine with the first Fukua pf and it put them in a depressive slump for a few days and had them hesitate to even attempt the next Fukua gold pf). There needs to be some type of guarantee change that lets people know what they have to shoot for to guarantee a reward, even if it’s higher than the typical pf threshold (Say, top 10% OR 40 million gets the 10% tier). At least there would be a completion point to relieve the anxiety (and possible crash) of emotion from the unknown quantity of achievement. In the case of medici, a top ten percent with a lower CC reward would help that cutthroat environment that only rewards a handful of top players with just a top 100.

Finally, quality of life. I have just one request here: give us a Rift base for each elemental week. I absolutely want to optimize for each modifier and boss node but HATE cycling it every Monday/week. A lot of bases just don’t bother changing their setups because of how tedious this rotation is. I played for about three or four weeks then stopped because the base rotation just tunes me out instead of empowers me. Please let us set presets for each week that rotate for us automatically.

Thanks for listening!
SGM start date:29 August 2019 and comeback in may 2020
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 136/170
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 3

As already mentioned in other comments, the game is already urging a new game mode for the endgame and the revmap of the dialy events.
SGM start date: March 2019
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 139/170
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 1

I must say it was extremely difficult to choose only 3, all of the mentioned improvements. As I see it Could only improve the longevity of this gameWith that said I would like to see a BIG change to the game grind along with with some new end game modes that are less grindy. I would also like to see some improvements to the way we earn resources especially canopy coins and essence shards.
As of now I am giving this game a break especially after the seasons beating PF. It took a lot of time and for me the time wasn’t worth the reward.

1.Resources: IMO we earn resources at a very slow rate especially canopy coins and essence shards. As of now it cost 2.9 mil canopy to fully upgrade one gold move. If you multiply that by 5 you get close to 15 mil canopy needed to max out a move set. On average we get roughly 5 mil of canopy coins a week just from grinding. You can do the math on that. If you throw how much it cost to upgrade a gold (2.4 mil) or a dia character (4.8 mil) you are stuck in a loop that doesn’t reward you for your time. Not sure what to say about essences except we earn characters at a faster rate than anything else. I am currently sitting at 17 golds I need to dia and only 4 of each elemental essences not to mention I have 9 nat dia I can’t do anything with because I have no canopy and no keys. Earning maybe 20% of 1000 needed for essences a week. Once again you can do that math.

PF/ Dailies: I would like to see a change in both nothing major just a small change. Ex. I would like to see dailies have a sim button. Nothing major just a plain old sim button. This would decrease the grind significantly. Maybe as a con have it so we can’t earn XP when we sim? You can also find a way to Monetize it. ( jk ). In PF I just want to see an increase in rewards and a change of characters. I think the milestone rewards should be higher similar to holidays PF with more resources.

Game Modes: This I think is simple to keep anyone interested you absolutely need a new game mode. Rift is...well.... it’s Rift 🤷‍♂️. I think new games like a horde,tower or raids could do a lot for this game. Imagine playing a real life game of basketball (2v2) without the option to switch it up. (It would become boring). Any new modes would not only keep the Original player base here but it would also entice new players to stay. If new modes are added they should have at least 30% less grind then what we have now.

Conclusion: I love SGM it’s my favorite fighting simulator on any mobile platform. With that said As of now the game doesn’t reward me enough for my time. I do hope some changes are implemented in the future because this game still has a lot of potential.
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Hoping on Guilds see what that is about, and hopefully if it'll help the level 29's in my list that are barely online.

I swear I've added 50 then another 20, and I just have 11 gifters on as regulars.

I'd re-quote that saying a break is good cause even I have them time to time but these guys haven't touched the thing, been no where near to even scratching the surface of this game of the depth also those easy unlocks.

Shh... less rift problems lol

I'd love something on faster loading too though, more streamline on the HP.com.autumn.skullgirls_Screenshot_2021.01.17_15.07.33.pngcom.autumn.skullgirls_Screenshot_2021.01.17_15.08.08.png
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SGM start date: April 2019
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 149/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 1

the only thing I wish for is this:
as we all know SGM has a diverse player basis which means that different players from different time zone can take advantage on the last day of the rift seasons. What do I mean by that? Let's take me as an example: for the time zone I'm in, the rift season ends every Monday at 3 AM, which means I couldn't stay up that late to defend and revenge other players until the season ends, however, for other players from... let's say Japan, Korea or China, their rift season ends in the afternoon or midday, meaning that they can use that time to continue to get higher scores in rift.

Personally speaking, I think it's unfair to rank a player based on how much they can grind in the last few hours because they can take advantage of their time zone (on that note I miss the old rift). I am a Diamond 1 rank player myself but because of this time zone thing I always end up with diamond 3 or 4 in the end simply due to I have school and work the next day, I CANNOT stay up that late every season just to defend my rift base and I hope that there's a solution to stop this.
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Here’s my player information:

SGM start date: April 2017
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 158/166
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As an old time, end game player my wish is for more work on Revamp of existing PF and Daily game modes, Move management (over 700 moves..) and new end game mode to keep things interesting.

I believe these will help with existing player base retention as many of my old time friends have quit throughout the year with so much meaningless grind with outdated game modes.
SGM start date: October 2020
Player account level: 70
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I've been reading the thoughts that were outlined above in this thread. And I see that some of them have already been added to the game. there were rerolls at receptions, new characters, including more support.
I also have some idea of the desired development of the game. But first of all, I must disagree with the need to strengthen a team from a certain set of heroes, as for me this will make the enemy less diverse.
So what would I like to see:
first of all, new stories, I like this part of the game the most.
Secondly, the addition of AI and, in general, the improvement of the training regime, this was also written about in one of the first posts here.
Thirdly, the improvement of the connection (I think the lags in this mode are no secret to anyone) and the introduction of something like a tournament in versus (everyone plays on the same characters).
Well, until the last sentence, you can enter something like a tower. You can make it with floors where each next enemy becomes stronger with more hp or damage, or more, you can also enter some checkpoints where you can choose a boost for the team, for example, in the stack of rage for fire heroes every 20 seconds and on the next save, you can either reduce the cooldown of receiving or increase the duration, or take another buff, for example, for another element or for the same, but now once every 20 seconds, rabies + regeneration will be given.
If, for example, we make the tower competitive again for the same week or even for a month, then it will be possible to divide it into different levels of difficulty, on bronze each match you can choose the composition of the team and buffs are given every 5 levels; on silver buffs are given 2 times less often; on gold you can not change the team, i.e. you only go on those who were chosen at the very beginning; on the diamond, each new fight begins in the same composition and health that remained in the last match, and there are also no save points, those after losing find themselves at the very beginning.
You can enter, for example, tickets to enter the tower, 1 ticket per day, or make a waste of energy or do not make restrictions on passing at all.
You can also add as a reward for some levels (I don't know how difficult it will be there, but for example for 100 and 250 and 500 levels) with natural a jackpot that will include a rare hero like pyrotechnics. or enter a rare character as a reward for the best players, which can only be obtained by passing the top floor in the tower, or if the number of floors is unlimited, then give it to the top 1-100 players, as in other modes.)
If you have read all these reflections, put an emotion or write a comment so that I know that I wrote it for good reason)
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