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Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

What do you want the most for 2021?

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Jan 20, 2019
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2020 has been an exciting year for SGM with the release of Fukua and Annie, rift 2.0, and new systems like accolades and deployment.

Still, the game offers so much and there’s a lot more potential to make this game more than what we love now. As we get close to 2021, it might be helpful for the devs to hear from the player base what we would like to see for 2021 and where our priorities are.

The task is simple. Tell us your top 3 wishes for 2021 roadmap from the list. Then, tell us a little about your player profile in a reply if you can. You can also prioritize the entire list in the reply if you want. Here’s a template for you to copy.

SGM start date:
Player account level:
Catalog count:
Highest rift 2.0 rank:

2021 Roadmap Priority List
  1. Guilds
  2. New characters
  3. New variants
  4. New game mode for end game
  5. More story mode, origin story, master modes, higher player level cap (80?)
  6. PvP fixes and PvP events
  7. Revamp old content: Prize Fight tiers & rewards restructure, less grindy daily events
  8. Upgrade training mode
  9. Quality of Life updates: move management, streamline resources, faster loading, etc.
  10. Other
And that’s all! Hope we get enough on this thread to make this helpful and meaningful feedback for our hardworking and dedicated devs. We love SGM and can’t wait to see what you will have for us in 2021.

Note this not an official Poll or survey. Normally HVS conducts official surveys themselves so don’t get confused with this fan made poll.
Here’s my player information:

SGM start date: April 2017
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 158/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 1

As an old time, end game player my wish is for more work on Revamp of existing PF and Daily game modes, Move management (over 700 moves..) and new end game mode to keep things interesting.

I believe these will help with existing player base retention as many of my old time friends have quit throughout the year with so much meaningless grind with outdated game modes.
SGM start date: February, 2020
Player account level: 69 the epic number
Catalog count:116/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank:
Legend (you know when)
just kidding, Gold1.

Everything from the above mentioned list, except New Variants, will make the game more enjoyable.
As for new variants, it's enough. Give people time to collect'em atleast.
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SGM start date: Before diamonds and marquee abilities existed, probably somewhere between the paleolithic age and the ming dynasty
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: Too low for someone who's played this long
Highest rift 2.0 rank: idk prolly bronze 10

1.) Minette
2.) New catalysts (but really it's just minette)

SGM start date: around April 2019
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 133/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 2

Im really interested in dailies revamp, someday 3 dailies a day will be a thing, that day i will jump off a bridge, we need some kind of autodailies or be way shorter (nodes per diff). Also moveset loadout could be great
SGM start date: Somewhere in 2017 and once again in 15th of Jan 2019.
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 138/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 3

All of the above but Quality of Life changes matters the most to me, i don't want to spend hours over some dailies and get spat on with bad stats on a move so revamping them and making them faster or get an actual auto daily is honestly much more important.
SGM start date: around October 2019
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 137/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 1

'New game mode for end game' I think this is what SGM desperately needs.

The final contents of this game are prize fight and rift. The preparation process (character collection, move set collection, catalyst collection, etc.) to complete these contents takes a very long time, taking about a year. I have invested $1,500 during this period.

The contents of both prize fight and rift are honestly too shallow compared to the preparation time.

After several months of preparation, I made an incredibly strong attacker, but there is nowhere to show dps

There are no more achievements to be accumulated with such specs of movesets. After playing for a year, I was bored with only those two end game contents.

need end game content without the limitations of a new way. For example Roguelike content where random enemies are constantly coming out, no time limit, and attackers can use catalysts.

As a bonus, it would be nice to have a real-time ranking display.
Simply put, we need an element to inspire competition

Another example is a side-scrolling running action game like Cookie Run.

This way, will be able to induce cash investment as well as fun for gamers, which will make the game's service time last longer.

At present, there are two loadings in Prize Fight while the battle is over and restarted, which makes the gamer's not fun.

Even if you meet a very strong enemy in 60 consecutive wins there, there is a high probability that weak enemies will come out from 61 consecutive wins.
This also seems to be one of the factors that make gamers very uninteresting.

i love this game so much

thank you
Hi all,

SGM start date: 5/2/2018 after losing my old account during the migration from LINE
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 138/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Phenom

First and foremost I'd like to thank you for taking the time to give us (end players) room for free speech.

As basically all you guys have mentioned, what we all think would benefit and keep us playing is to revamp old content plus offer new QoL mechanics to balance the time spent in game vs irl.
SGM start date: august 2018 - november 2019 and started again in june 2020
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 145/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 2
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SGM start date: 2019/05/09
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 144/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: diamond 1

The game is fun, but many people give up because of the repetition.
In particular, it is necessary to reduce the amount of prize fights and daily events.

First of all, it is necessary to revise the 10% compensation condition of prize fights.
We'd better change it to 30 consecutive wins or 10 million points.

Or, I think it is right that the criteria for meeting enemies are based on the combined power of the combatants he deployed.
I'm so tired of dealing with weak enemies in vain when I start from scratch.

And for daily events, a new level of difficulty should be added.
The new level of difficulty is quite difficult, but there are only three stages,
and if you win, you will receive all the rewards from the existing level of difficulty.

If you can't beat the new level of difficulty,
you can take the time to beat the existing level of difficulty and get the same level of compensation.

If they become stronger in this way, they should be given the benefit of being able to clear as soon as possible.
And because control is a fun game, it can be more fun to face a strong opponent in a short game than to confront a weak enemy meaninglessly.

I am not good at English, so I wrote down what I want to say using a translator.
What I want to say may not be delivered properly.
But I'd appreciate it if you read it.
Aww, I only get to choose 3? Kidding, I know pretty clearly what I personally want, though these are all good things that I would like to have in the future.

SGM start date: Late August? ( Maybe early September ) 2019
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 148/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 3

I'm a big fan of adding variety in the 'pieces' that can be used to build more challenging fights - Fighters, variants, catalysts, and match modifiers. That said, new content in these areas can only keep things going so far without adding or improving other game modes to use them. (I still think it would be nice to remove the pf golds from the gold relics and add in new gold variants to replace them - it's always a disappointment to get pf golds from the relics you've up shards for instead of something more special.)

Plus, the current method of adding new pfs and dailies every time a new fighter is added can only go so far before the pfs for certain characters are pushed too far apart and the dailies pile up to the point where grinding them becomes tedious, so I'd like to see these things refined somewhat, to reduce the grind and possibly add some higher difficulties to increase the challenge and rewards. That said, it's been a while since I was a newb, and there needs to be a good balance found between challenging for veterans and accessible for newbs.

Possibly tweaking the existing difficulties for dailies while adding a new mechanic to make things quicker for veterans is the way to go?

- Basic: Leave as-is, for the folks just starting out. Maybe include the occasional Silver move in the drop pool to help newbs climb quicker.
- Advanced: Bulk up some of the later fighters, somewhere between the current Advanced and Expert difficulties, with rewards to match. Maybe make one of the completion rewards and the boss node reward a gold move to balance the rewards for the boosted difficulty.
- Expert: Basically, make it much closer to the current Master difficulty in terms of fighter tiers and levels (except *maybe* leaving the match modifiers as-is), and move the rewards over from Master.
- Master: Marqueed fighters, much higher FS, and maybe some nat Dias. Something much closer to AE in terms of difficulty (which is still easy enough for veteran players), and rewards to match. Maybe a chance at a fighter relic / guaranteed bronze relic for completion, or some more silver relic or essence shards. Maybe the moves that drop could be pre-leveled a little, to increase their sell value and reduce the amount of investment required to make them useful in high level play.

As for the mechanic to make things faster for veterans; who here remembers Earthbound? Basically, in that game, if you were a certain level above the random encounter enemies, to the point where they didn't stand a chance against you, you could 'auto-win' encounters without even having to fight.

Something like this could help streamline grinding dailies by quite a bit. Say, if your team's FS was more than 3-5x the FS of the node, you could choose to auto-win without even having to enter the battle. To balance things though, maybe choosing to auto-win would mean that it would take all of those fighters' current yellow energy and not give experience, but it would still give the other rewards of the node. So it'd still be worth it to fight normally in some cases, like if you were leveling Bronzes or only had a few strong fighters to use, but still make things overall faster for veterans who have built up a large collection of high level fighters. Defense variants would gain some extra usefulness here too, since it's based purely off of FS totals!

This auto-win mechanic probably should only be available in Dailies (though the new Master would probably have FS's high enough that this wouldn't be an option) and *maybe* Prize Fights to help veterans get to the challenging and fun battles faster, but it might exacerbate the grind for top 10%, so eh.

I'm not too sure about what to do about Prize Fights though; I used to think that adding a Diamond PF would help reduce the 10% cutoffs on the Gold PF by splitting people's attention, but now I'm not so sure that adding *even more* grindy content is really the way to go. I'm sure a lot of people would just choose to grind both Diamond and Gold PFs anyways if they feasibly could, which would mean *more* grind, not less. I would like to see some tweaks to the current PF system to streamline the grind a bit, but I'm not sure of any way to do that that wouldn't result in drastically higher cutoffs as people take advantage of the streamlining to boost their numbers while putting in the same amount of effort as they do now.
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SGM start date: November 2017
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 141/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 1

I just hope guilds get added at some point. I'm happy Annie was made and all, but I really wanna see this feature that's been teased for... How long, 2 years? In addition to that most modes need overhaul. I can cope with most of it, but I get why someone would find it overly repetitive and end up quitting. In retrospect I believe rift 2.0 feels like a slight downgrade from 1.0, but constant flip-flop would be messy as hell, so rift is kinda stuck.

Prize fights I think could be left relatively untouched, but could use slight improvement. As for dailies, it's just overly tedious, and not challenging, so it's probably the one that would also need revision the most.

Also a skin based on Bunta for someone would be neat lol
Well suggestion in general:

Pf prize 10% is a little weird maybe a solution is give prize like milestone. Maybe 12/15m should be enought but if u dindt reach the milestone then check the old % to give rewards.
Making this will avoid the ritual of guessing the 10% qnd stop scoring extra worthless 10m.

Dailies: an ultra strong daily difficult with all rewards together could be great to reward old players, but if u do it, u cannot play other difficults.

Moveset loadouts: this will help moves management between variants, also a way to manage def moveset and lock them and dont have defenders without moves in rift could be great.
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SGM start date: August 2018
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 126/166
Highest rating in rift 2.0: Diamond 4

I would already be happy with the Big Band origin master mode ... because I can't bear to farm XP on Peacock master anymore ...
In addition, more options in the training mode would also be welcome ... like a way for you to face your characters equipped with the catalysts you have ... it would be useful to create offensive and defensive strategies.
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SGM start date: Summer 2017
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 166/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 1

Quality of life improvements are the thing that I really want. Grinding rifts/prize fights/dailies/levels etc at least I'm playing the game. Scrolling through moves/fighter cards while depending on my memory to find what I have is...not playing the game.
SGM start date: Feb or March 2019
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 140/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 1

I share the same opinion with a lot of people in this thread regarding the grind, guilds, catalysts, QoL, revamped content, etc so I'd like to pitch something else.

New variants are exciting but I find myself to get more excited when older variants gets buffed. I'm not gonna start a "Who should get buffed?" thread but I think there's definitely a couple of variants that could use a bit more oomph. There's also a couple of variants that I feel do not need a change, but there's really no point in using them at all. Having end-game content that encourages us to evolve these to Diamond and use them for specific purposes could be cool to see.
I want guilds and some sort of cooperative endgame content to go with them. Like some sort of Raid aspect where a guild takes on a series of major boss fights, culminating in a fight against the Skullgirl herself (I've always said this game has a shocking lack of Skullgirl fights for a game called Skullgirls Mobile :p). It would be even cooler if, in addition to Marie, the devs crafted non-playable boss encounters with other Skullgirls, like Squigly's mom and Parasoul's mom. Not sure how this could be turned into a guild event; maybe the boss health bar is so high that it takes multiple challengers to successfully beat her, which would allow for each guild member (or at least several) to get a go. Or maybe a raid map with multiple nodes and a guild member can only attack a certain number of nodes, thereby forcing the whole guild to work together to take it down, and the final node could be a boss node that should be reserved for the strongest guild member(s). I imagine the devs could think of a way to have guilds work together in a balanced and rewarding way, but that's what I'd like to see most. Having a guild feature with nothing to do as a guild would feel empty.
SGM start date: October 2018
Player account level: 70
Catalog count: 142/166
Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 3

My Top 3 wishes would be:

1) Guilds - we have a really amazing community, and I would be so happy to have more options to interact with you folks in-game. Having some huge Guild tasks every week or month that would require all members to contribute to it sounds great. However, I am not sure that having guilds compete against each other for the rewards is a good idea - imagine trying to outperform @Yujipooji, @Tom Kulczewski, @Dusty00, @ZeoW, @jms, @Blimeylimey and @LordOozy cooperating together... Unless each of you starts a separate guild to fight for the throne :p

2) Old game modes being revamped - mostly I am talking about Gold Prize Fight. Over the years, constant powercreep made it too difficult for new players to get to 10% rewards in reasonable amount of time. Basically, in order to get a Gold reward, you need to get Diamonds first - that sounds kinda strange to me. Daily Events are too easy and mundane for endgame players, but they at least justify the use of autopilot and give some easy XP for the fodder. In Rift Battles, I would actually be happy to see the node modifiers going completely random, so one week we get an easy map and relax a little, and next week accidentally brings us an unbreakable monster of a Boss node that would make top players cry.

3) Quality of Life - tools for skill sorting and skillset creation are badly needed, especially for endgame. Over 2 years I only maxed 10 or 11 special moves and BBs, and I have to swap them between Fighters. I could have maxed more instead of bringing multiple moves to lvl 9-12, that would be definitely more efficient, but then, like @Blimeylimey said, I would spend more time NOT playing than tearing my opponent into shreds with my maxed moves. I would also include Training improvements here - besides being able to make custom AI dummies, I want so much to see total combo damage numbers, not only hit counts. A fighting game is big part about inventing the most damaging combos, isn't it?