• [2018/06/22]
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Fights AI Improvements


Jun 6, 2017
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I'm sure everyone by now has seen some of the questionable things that the AI sometimes does.

My biggest gripe, the AI always jumps back as far as possible to use a Taunt type move and is way too easy to see when they're going to do it and punish. Often see characters using certain BBs on wake up when they're WAY too far away to hit with them too. Most notably on that front, Cerebella wastes Diamond Dynamo and Diamond Drop after getting knocked to the other side of the screen fairly often. Valentine also doesn't know how Forbidden Procedure works.

I'm sure there are other examples and bet you guys are always trying to make AI improvements but just thought I'd share a few nagging ones that I see often.
I'd like to improve the parts of the AI that let it react to 1 frame windows and start blocking during hitstun if the lag is bad enough. Also the part where health % doesn't matter for time outs, the AI just wins and is programmed to timer scam hard.

Edit: for clarity, this first "paragraph" is sarcasm.

Normally i'd be down for improving the stupid things the AI does, but i'd rather it be stupid because otherwise harder fights are just a stat check where you can't reliably win unless your golds are leveled and built up enough.
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Aside from Drill Tempered, Beat Extend, Diamond Dynamo and most air throws, I think blockbuster usage is fine at the moment. I think AI Diamond Drop was already tweaked, so you have to be somewhat close for it to be used but thankfully you can just be outside its range or else it'd be too unstoppable.

As for Taunt usage, it feels more like the taunts themselves are the problem as opposed to the AI. They're pretty useless at the moment. Maybe they should get some kind of time freeze associated with them? But they'll still have a slight opening for poor usage, just like blockbusters should be in the next update. (BBs are getting more punishable in the next patch, supposedly)
The AI really loves to walk into all kinds of frame traps - and I'm really stretching the definition of frame trap here to include things where there is literally just no reason to be pressing buttons. If you throw out a raw Argus and they block the first laser, without fail they will always press a button and get hit by the barrage. Khepri Sun is an even stranger case, oftentimes I mess up trying to combo into it but it's okay because they wake up and just don't block the end of it.
I'm looking at this also in hopes that there may at some point be a harder difficulty, like "Insane" or something. Smarter AI and higher if not max fight power levels.

I also wonder if it's possible to make it so the first 2 difficulties you can win by a life lead time out but keep harder stuff as is.

Thanks for the extra input as well.
I think some AI should have different "personalities" and the personality of an AI will be randomized with its move set. Personalities I thought of are:
Brawler: Fight, Fight, Fight. Rarely blocks, usually stays close to the player.
Defender: The opposite. Spends most time blocking, occasionally goes in for an attack though.
Movie Season: Waits until most Blockbusters and SMS are charged, than uses them all at once.
Runner: Constantly moving or attacking.
Mashup: The Double of AI actions. Acts randomly and unpredictably.
Default: Current AI.