• [2018/06/22]
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Android Studio & Emulation


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Jun 4, 2022
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Hello, I'm new here and to SGM, My phone runs into quite a few issues playing SGM, and I don't have access to it at all times, and I'm much more comfortable using my computer for games. I'm aware that emulators are generally regarded as a bannable offence due to being dubbed "third-party software", but would Android Studio, the official, Google, Android Emulator, not contradict this?
Use cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service, any Autumn Games Game or any Game experience or without Autumn Games’ express written consent, modify or cause to be modified any files that are a part of the Service or any Game.
Android Studio is made to be a platform for Android development and testing to assure that the games run on designated hardware, the way Android Studio works is it only allows you to do exactly what would be allowed on an Android phone. So it doesn't allow you to use kbm out of the box, without the same software you'd need from the genuine Google Play store on a Android phone. And in some ways the "emulation" is a direct mimic of said hardware, and again, is not a "third-party" tool, its first party, and official, made by Google. Even with regular emulation, it just doesn't make sense in my opinion, I feel as though the logic there is a bit flawed in a lot of ways. If there's worry of competitive advantage due to Mouse & Keyboard or Controller, a Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller can all be used on a regular mobile device. And there's a change the person using the emulator, is using it on a touch screen device like a 2 in 1 laptop. If its due to worry of players cheating, or the use modded APK's. Nothing is stopping the same user from doing the same things on a regular mobile device, especially since something like Android Studio is an authentic first-party android emulator which doesn't allow modified files, hacks, cheats, mods or software to modify or interfere with the SGM service any differently than an genuine mobile device can.