• [2018/06/22]
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  1. resoNathan

    Weren't the black friday deals supposed to last through today?

    New member, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I was going to get the 10+1 at the last minute, but the Black Dahlia update seems to have removed any trace of the black friday deals. The thing is, I swear I got a notification that I had 4 hours left (at 8 am this morning, meaning it would've...
  2. 4lyssa

    Android Studio & Emulation

    Hello, I'm new here and to SGM, My phone runs into quite a few issues playing SGM, and I don't have access to it at all times, and I'm much more comfortable using my computer for games. I'm aware that emulators are generally regarded as a bannable offence due to being dubbed "third-party...
  3. Poyo1

    (Question) is MEANER. BETTER. FASTER. STRONGER (master) even possible?

    Hello, new here and I have a genuine question, how am I supposed to beat master if I’ve done every strategy known to man. more specifically the 3rd level, where 3 foes are able to revive after death and even if you’re winning the game unfairly puts you on doom and there is NO way around this...
  4. Thatonevalentineuser

    Should I wait till 4.5

    Since Annie is coming soon and My Diamond relic Needs 7% more to be ready should I not open any relics in 4.4 and wait till shes available on All relics so that I have a chance to pull her?
  5. Ineednursetitties

    Are starting relics pre set?

    Hi dudes I just started the game I'm loving it so far and decided to re roll to see if I can start with a copy of Valentine. However after rerolling about 14 times that has still not happened so I want to know if the starting relics (1 bronze + 2 Gift relics) are pre set. I've had at least a...
  6. Rudølf

    Bug - Normal Beo's Backdash Input Delayed?

    I don't really know if this is a bug btw, I just sorta need clarification on what I noticed.. I noticed the whole cast's ground combo (G5 Tap and D1 excluded) immediately inputs your backdash the moment you swipe left. But for Beo, it either takes two swipes or a second before it inputs the...
  7. BladeGuy9

    Squigly: Thrill Shrieker SA2

    So I bought some Halloween Relic packs and ended up being lucky enough to pull a Thrill Shrieker. I was ecstatic and was able to max out her skill tree. But one thing I'm curious about is her SA2 comboing with Basso Buffo... in that it doesn't? Basso Buffo forces a tag out, which is how Thrill...
  8. K

    Other Something i wanted to tell the developers and a question i wanted to ask

    I can't be any more thankful i found the perfect fighting game for me, it is challenging,yet not too challenging, it gives me great satisfaction to pull off combos,the characters and world and etc give great charm and etc, and just everything about these games bring me joy, and i want to bless...
  9. V

    Megasonic VS Epic Sax

    Recently I got both, but I'm not sure which one is better, since both have the same classification on the tier list. What do you think which one is better for attack and which one is better for defense?
  10. V

    Is it worth max out two or more different fighters of the same character at the same time?

    To Unlock and Max out the skill three of a Gold Fighter you need A LOT OF RESOURCES: Only To max out The Skill Three you need 1.125 skill points and 2.435.000 canopy coins. Only To Unlock and max out ONE marquee ability you need 2.750 skill points and 250.000 canopy coins. Only To Unlock and...
  11. V

    Which marquee ability is better for Double?

    CHAOS: When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, inflict a random DEBUFF for 10/20 seconds when landing a CRITICAL HIT VS VOLATILITY: Every 30/20 seconds gain a random BUFF for 10 seconds
  12. G

    Question about skill tree

    does it affect the character if i max it out in level first and then use the keys upgrading the nodes to get the highest power level? or is it better to level up the skill tree while leveling up fighter level.
  13. L

    Aeon/Venus Fights

    I was just looking for someone to clear this up for me. I've been looking at people talk about these "Aeon/Venus" fights when someone reaches a certain level in Prize Fights. Can someone explain to me what they are, and what makes them special? Of course I know who the characters are from the...
  14. Zuzuska

    Maximum FS?

    Was just wondering, what's the highest FS anyone's seen on the CPU players in prize fights or Story fights? I'm kind of new, so the highest I've seen was a 6957 Gold No Egrets Parasoul...
  15. V


    I'm still pretty relatively new to this game, but I play it often, and I don't know if this just me being pretty inexperienced with fighters in general or an actuall issue so this is more of a curiosity rather than a bug report. It seems like AI opponents can block attacks on a dime (I'm not...
  16. iHuy

    Moves and Fighters Limit Question

    Hello! Confession time: I'm a hoarder in video games and love to collect and keep things around (even bronze stuffs). I'm nearing the max amount of moves (292/300) and was wondering what happens when you hit 300. Just a bit paranoid in case after the limit, the new obtained...