• [2018/06/22]
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Fights Better implementation of difficulty lock in prize fights.


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Dec 9, 2019
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"Mutually Exclusive Prize Fight Difficulties"

Honestly, this characteristic is very negative for all players and especially for those of medium level, affecting the obtaining of variants, points, gold and keys that make development in the game very difficult. I think this feature will put off mid-level players and frustrate them. Although the feature is presented with good intentions, it could be better implemented.

This is my suggestion and I hope you take it into account, you can also contribute ideas

1 That only Diamond prize fights has the lockout feature for the entire event.

2 The other prize fights are as before the patch.

Or If we want to complicate it for nothing, we can make it progressive that starts with bronzes or choose ourselves.​



completed 10 milestones


unlock all other prize fights


We can choose another one, complete the 10 milestones and continue the first one chosen.

you can also check this suggestion https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/sets-mechanism.17339/
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I think they completely ruined the prize fighting experience. :confused:
Make it better for the new players to fully experience the game by making Prize Fights a simple choice: 3 (Bronze, Silver, Gold) or 1 (Diamond)?
Yes, you have my vote. I can't see why anyone would trap themselves in Bronze. Players not strong enough for Diamond should be able to build their collection and strength from the 3 other PFs.

Or If we want to complicate it for nothing, we can make it progressive that starts with bronzes or choose ourselves.
No thank you! Might be fun for some, but I wouldn't want that milestone chore.
Another option would be for Diamond PF to have a level requirement enabled for veteran players and if they want to participate in blocking until the end
A simple option would be to reduce the duration of the prize fights to 2 days. Increased to 3 events per week