• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

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7:00PM EST (Kuala Lumpur) Roses are Red, Violence is Due PF


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This is absolutely ridiculous.
First one is definitely a cheater, but I'm on the fence about the second one
Valentine's Day PF
Another one from yesterday.
First one is Gold Painwheel pf, second one is Silver Painwheel pf
So people in chat were complaining about this guy beating their much stronger teams.


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Roses are red, violence is due pf, Feb 14th, UTC - 03:00, around 00:10 AM.


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I am sure that he is the HACKER !
I am sure that he is the HACKER !
I am sure that he is the HACKER !
Screenshot_20200214-155003.png Screenshot_20200214-155042.png Screenshot_20200214-155036.png Screenshot_20200214-155030.png Screenshot_20200214-155025.png Screenshot_20200214-155101.png Screenshot_20200214-155054.png Screenshot_20200214-155048.png Screenshot_20200214-155013.png Screenshot_20200214-155008.png
Roses are red violence are due pf / 14 Feb 21:00 pm GMT
And pm 17:00


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February 14th 4:37pm pst Roses are Red, Violence is due prize fight. I know he technically lost but with his fighters there’s no way for him to even have a chance to fight my defense team. Especially with the win streak modifier that obviously shows. 3AABACC4-A832-4CE9-8CE9-6EE7D5F2F396.jpeg86082DB9-D607-4B6F-B279-979A7D0BFD8E.jpeg
Valentine Event - 15 Feb 2020 - GMT+5


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The hacker is still alive.

View attachment 8413

I faced this cheater once more:


I'm uninstalling the app since hackers keep being an issue and the fact that they don't get banned, and the people affected by it aren't being compensated in any way.

This game is grindy enough as it is, I can't keep playing if my hard work doesn't get me anywhere.

Someone ping me on discord when they start taking actions against the cheaters.
The hacker is still alive.
The hacker is still alive.
The hacker is still alive.
Screenshot_20200215-202758.png Screenshot_20200215-202842.png Screenshot_20200215-202910.png Screenshot_20200215-202847.png Screenshot_20200215-202853.png Screenshot_20200215-202905.png Screenshot_20200215-202819.png Screenshot_20200215-202824.png Screenshot_20200215-202836.png
Screenshot_2020-02-16-11-03-46.png screenshot taken at 11:03 (GMT -3), February 16, high tide PF.

The first guy is obviously a hacker
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