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Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

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Wind Elemental Prize Fight
Time taken: 6:49pm ACDT


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I took the screenshot around 11:39am EST
The photo should speak for itself.


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Wind element prize fight

Screenshot taken at 2:08 CST


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Rift revenge, abnormaly high score
Screenshot taken at 02:04 GM-3


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Wind Element PF
15:10 (GTM-5)
Hacker: fjus


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Screenshot_20201206-235840_Skullgirls.jpg Screenshot_20201206-234551_Skullgirls.jpg
11:50pm pst - 12/6/20
Rift battles-
Hacker has been around a VERY long time. Haunting diamond 1 throught diamond 4 players. I have a video from way back at the start of rift 2.0 them 14king my base with mostly level one moves. Ban this guy already.
09:50am GMT+1 - 12/06/2020
Rift battles

Broken mirror has been reported last July by Setsy (see quote below). He would have been Phenom this week if the community did not take care of it (last minute attacks that cannot be revenged). I get that devs want to find an automatic detection of hacking, but, in the meantime, please take care of the Rifts hackers. They don't even feel the need to hide themselves and aim for top now.

Rift battle
Screenshot taken 11:09pm
I’m only reporting Broken mirrors. I’m incredibly skeptical of this player.
To score 14k (which has never been scored on my defense even by top of the top players) by a player who has moves mostly lv3-6 and below with unideal stats when I checked their profile, in addition to our vast differences in rank. My character moves are mostly lv12+. Yet the diamond player who attempted before Broken mirrors had more trouble, and is stronger.
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Prize fight gold eliza
3h40 PM UTC French


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Eliza Gold PF, 7/12/2020, 11:17 am


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Eliza Gold PF
10:40PM EST


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[QUOTE = "Liam, publicación: 14627, miembro: 48"] ¡Hola a todos!

Puede utilizar este hilo para informar a los jugadores que cree que están haciendo trampa.
Algunos jugadores han mencionado que recientemente sus increíbles equipos de puntuación de luchadores de 30K están superando a unos 200 Silvers de puntuación de luchadores.

Tenga en cuenta que este hilo NO es para la caza de brujas, y no es para hablar de piratas informáticos, piratas informáticos ni nada por el estilo.

Pasos para enviar un informe:

- Captura de pantalla los resultados de la pantalla RECLAMO de Prize Fight con tu nombre y el nombre del oponente visible.

- Incluya la HORA en que se tomó la captura de pantalla, incluida su zona horaria.

- Publica esta información a continuación y nosotros nos encargaremos del resto.​

Estamos trabajando para mejorar la protección de las aplicaciones contra los piratas informáticos para que esto sea un problema menor en el futuro.
Como recordatorio, si lo atrapan usando estos trucos, será prohibido permanentemente.

Tenga en cuenta que este hilo solo sirve para informar resultados sospechosos de una pelea por premios. Cualquier otra preocupación sobre las trampas debe hacerse en otro lugar. [/CITAR]
Hola, buenas tardes, vengo a informarle a esta persona que aunque voy a ganar y superar su puntaje de brecha, no obtuve la pantalla de victoria pero me envió a su base de brecha y mis intentos fueron 0 y salió automáticamente que Perdí aunque el yo gano


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Infinity and Beyond - Gold (annie prize fight)

So maybe the purrfect dark could'ev insta-killed the diamonds but i don't think the silvers can do enough damage to get my diamonds to half health in order to insta-kill. and this was at a high streak so my diamonds and my star child had bonus health and damage. ill report in game and send it here.
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Infinity and Beyond - Gold
Time: 10:08 A.M. Pacific time

(sorry for deleting and posting this again, i think im having trouble with the forum)

So i'm having a hard time believing that this player isn't cheating. the modifier and they're purrfect dark does help them out, however, i'm really having a hard time understanding how some silver fighters are able to take out a two diamond fighters with buffed health and damage.
Annie Silver PF, screen taken at 12:12PM Central Standard Time.


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Hi, I want to report this player.
The screenshoot was taken on 12/12/2020 to 11.10 pm UTC -6 CTS Central Standard Time Mexico City


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This guy is making huge streaks since he doesn't have the equipment to do it. Here the captures
2:45 am (Chile)


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