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Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

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Same guy different nodes in pf
taken at around 10 AM GMT +2


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Just interested...
whole battle for 7-8 minutes. Time: 00:10 - 00:17 A.M. 03/15/2021 GMT+3.
My base:2021-03-15 00-44-23.JPG
His profile: (Nickname: "RGWSDJ" )
2021-03-15 00-27-21.JPG
My fails:
2021-03-15 00-25-28.JPG2021-03-15 00-25-33.JPG2021-03-15 00-25-38.JPG2021-03-15 00-25-50.JPG2021-03-15 00-25-57.JPG
His (her) scores



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Already out for blood in the craic pf, taken at 7pm EST


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Screenshot taken at 02:13 pm Indian Standard Time. It was in craic the heads pf. Chinese character guy is cheating for sure and while I have doubts about the other, ch100 people said it is possible for him to win.
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Yeah, this is so blatant


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Screenshot taken at 9:24am pst


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¡Hola a todos!

Puede utilizar este hilo para informar a los jugadores que cree que están haciendo trampa.
Algunos jugadores han mencionado que recientemente sus increíbles equipos de puntuación de luchadores de 30K están superando a unos 200 Silvers de puntuación de luchadores.

Tenga en cuenta que este hilo NO es para la caza de brujas, y no es para hablar de piratas informáticos, piratas informáticos ni nada por el estilo.

Pasos para enviar un informe:

- Captura de pantalla los resultados de la pantalla RECLAMO de Prize Fight con tu nombre y el nombre del oponente visible.​
- Incluya la HORA en que se tomó la captura de pantalla, incluida su zona horaria.​
- Publique esta información a continuación y nosotros nos encargaremos del resto.​

Estamos trabajando para mejorar la protección de las aplicaciones contra los piratas informáticos para que esto sea un problema menor en el futuro.
Como recordatorio, si lo atrapan usando estos trucos, será prohibido permanentemente.

Tenga en cuenta que este hilo solo sirve para informar sobre resultados sospechosos de las peleas de premios. Cualquier otra inquietud sobre las trampas debe hacerse en otro lugar.

Hey everyone!

You can use this thread to report players that you believe are cheating.
A few players have mentioned that they are having their amazing 30K fighter score teams creamed by a few 200 fighter score Silvers recently.

Please note that this thread is NOT for witch-hunting, and it is not for discussing hacks, hackers, or anything like that.

Steps to submit a report:

- Screenshot the Prize Fight CLAIM screen results with your name, and the opponent name visible.​
- Include the TIME that the screenshot was taken, including your timezone.​
- Post this information below, and we'll take care of the rest.​

We're working on improving app protection against hackers so that this is less of an issue in the future.
As a reminder, if you are caught using these hacks, you will be permanently banned.

Please note that this thread is for reporting suspicious Prize Fight match results only. Any other concerns about cheating should be made elsewhere.
Ammm hi I don't know if this goes here, but I report this person because he is in fact new and in the Saint Patrick event on his team he has the multiplier x5 being a person who is new to the game, I suspect that he is hacking or doing something


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St Patrick Event PF March 20 GMT+11 7:46 am ( screenshot taken at 14:46)
also there is a ton of goodwin nick out there. this person is hacking for a long time i think


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