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Other Current Rift and 3.2

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Am_Suitcase, May 9, 2019.

  1. Am_Suitcase

    Am_Suitcase Member

    Sep 13, 2017
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    Hello all, this is good ol Scumbag Suitcase again. This time I kinda want to have another suggestion that I hope can be looked over:

    I am currently level 70 and a Diamond 4 player with a rift rating of 1,917 at the time of this post. And after the 3.1 update which I refused to rift after a couple of matches, I came back once 3.2 came out.

    I have to say that 3.2 has fully made me actually enjoy rifts for a change, the matchups are much more balanced and when I do lose, it’s often close call. Rifts have massively improved and I am proud to say I enjoy playing it. Can I sill get salty? Yes. But it’s something that’s unavoidable and it’s not to a bad extent. Overall great update keep up the great work devs. Y’all are great.

    Despite this, I do believe some things should be changed up. They aren’t too awful, but most are either still pretty annoying or unnecessary:

    Rift Rating Decay
    The problem with the decay is that it feels unnecessary for a couple of reasons:
    • 7 MATCHES - The 7 matches themselves are fine. However two things should be considered:
      • If you don’t fill the 7 match minimum, your not getting the rewards anyways. -16 every three days feels unnecessary if said user isn’t rifting anyways.
      • On the other end of the spectrum there are players who do their 7 matches early. Probably because they are busy or have other things to do. You still lose -16 after that. So in short they are getting punished for working hard initially. Not everyone can rift everyday.
        • If one does 2 matches with the free tickets on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and one fight on Thursday for example, they will get deducted by Sunday if they don’t rift after that. A day before resetting season.
    • CAN DROP RANK ANYWAYS - Furthermore, you can still technically drop a rank without losing rift rating. There will be other players as well working hard to rise up in ranking. A rank that once lands you Diamond 4 would eventually end up as a rating for Gold 1 or possibly lower. It’s like Prize fights, it used to be 10 Million for some characters but the demand for gold characters due to diamond shards increased it to 15 million minimum while 10 million only places you top 11-30% generally.
    • SOLUTION: Simply removing rift decay is the best solution as it is unneeded. If it must stay however, make it so it stops decaying for players who reach the 7 match minimum count. Therefore, players who have been fighting in rift won’t be punished because they worked up to the count.
    This one is a pretty heated topic as some are either worthless or broken in a way.
    • FUTILE RESISTANCE - This catalyst. Hoh boy this catalyst. Okay I think the catalyst itself is fine. However my main issue with it is what procs it. The new throw mechanic in 3.2 procing modifiers means that fighters are often at a huge disadvantage especially the case for Cerebella, Beowulf and Canopy Bounce Parasouls. Outtakes are also affected by this as are bursts as they count as hits. I believe only standard hits that are meant to damage whether by regular attacks, specials or bbs should count for this catalyst.
    • CRIPPLE DECKER - I feel this catalyst is pretty underwhelming. Cripple itself is a mostly weak debuff and kinda contradicts in the sense of dealing for then 5% health. If a fighter triggered, they’re probably doing heavy damage anyways.
    • Also the catalyst involving disable tag ins isn’t to good either. As tag-ins aren’t to viable anyways. I feel the best solution is improving tag ins in a way where it could matter. Or even add an additional side effect.
    • ((Why am I not complaining about Dark Nut? Well it is tough but counterplay options are actually quite easy such as a Doublicious or Outtakes, Armor break etc))
    Fighter Tweaking
    Some fighters I feel could be adjusted a little.
    • Cold Stones - this fighter got a “buff” thanks to the throws procing SA’s. The problem is that this makes him pretty broken and just being grabbed once has a chance to end run as you can’t escape it due to being stunned. Private Dick in a way as well if he grabs you with his throw despite his low chances of stunning
    • Blue Screen - This fighter is actually a cool concept for a defender. My only issue is that the fighter feels contradictory. Armor reduces damage but SA2 increases self destruct damage if killed while the armror’s active. Yet with 4 stacks, Blue Screen becomes unable to really be damaged so the absolute best case scenario is a 3 stack with 75% increase in explosion damage. This means you’d have to avoid investing into defense which in turn allows someone to take out bud screen easier and not suffer as much damage.
    • That’s All Folks! - I already explained why this fighter feels lackluster but long story short, a fighter who doesn’t gain any defensive utility while being hit. Granted this complaint had been here since 3.1 but I still feel some kind of even a defense buff would be nice. For the full reasoning go here: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/an-idea-for-buffing-thats-all-folks.5125/
    • Heavy Handed - The throw’s proc SA seriously nerfed her as she won’t have her unflinching anymore. I feel this is more of a bug but I still think it’s nice to mention.

    Overall though, I will still continue to play this game and I still love and enjoy the game. These are just some ideas I felt will help improve later on.
  2. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    Happy to hear it! We'll continue making changes to make it even better.

    We still plan on keeping decay, but we do have sights on a few tweaks to the system. I don't have all the details what will be changing (if anything), but I hear you.

    Appreciate the Catalyst feedback. We'll be looking over all of the data and considering some changes for 3.3 if needed.

    Posted about this in another thread, but this change will be reverted or tuned further so that this isn't an issue anymore.
    Same as above!
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  3. Am_Suitcase

    Am_Suitcase Member

    Sep 13, 2017
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    I’m really happy to hear that! I’m feeling pretty hyped for what may come in the future.

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