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"DECRYPTED" - Strategy and Discussion


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May 17, 2017
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This thread is for discussing Eliza's bronze variant: "DECRYPTED"
General strategy, team position, character role, etc.
It all goes here!

* Please note that the fighter score shown in this image may not reflect the actual fighter score of the variant in game.
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I personally find her to be very useful even though I know many people don’t really like her. Picture a big top cerabella just revived with buffs or a GIJazz big band getting 5 armors and heals and not wanting to tag out, one Sekhmet attack takes it all away. On top of that it all turns to bleed which is super helpful. This is why I like decrypted Eliza, but I guess I also really like her pallete
Gosh I still miss this old SA, I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Her old SA2 was wayyyyy more helpful than her new SA2. I’d say what with all the SA’s that focus on buffs now, it was uniquer. It definitely made Decrypted Eliza one of the hidden gems when it comes to some of those story nodes. I know her attack sucks, but I’d still love for her to get her old SA2 back.

Also, beneficial COMBAT EFFECTS:p, it’s fun to look back on how far we’ve come.
With my new shiny DIAMOND decrypted, I herby decree that she must have her old SA2 back. She sucked before the change, and she sucks now. So why not change it back.

Actually, I really like when we get those little updates that just tweak fighter SAs, opens up a lot of conversation. Anyway palette references are cool, but these original colors always have a certain charm to them.
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