• [2018/06/22]
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Resolved Eliza bug not gain regenerate


Nov 12, 2017
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Eliza should gain 4 regenerates but she only gets 3, this issue sometimes happens and sometimes not, sometimes when I use a Blockbuster she doesn't gain regenerate only inflicts bleed, here is an example with big band, it should be 4 regenerates but she only get 3, with the last Blockbuster she doesn't gain it, but with peacock everything goes fine, no matter which fighter you are playing against, not necessarily you need to use 4 regenerates, it could happen with only one Blockbuster, these fighters are just for you notice the issue. Sorry for my English.
Does she have bleed resist from any of her powers? Because she can resist the bleeds she's applying to herself, and then get no regeneration buff as a result.

Which, as someone that also loves this Eliza, is real a pain.
Yes maybe you're right but she has no resistance, anyway I love her.

That's a really good point!

You can look at this from the perspective of having to plan ahead and work around having as little bleed resist as possible (cool strategy), or just being annoying and maybe she should have permanent 0% bleed resistance as part of her SA.

I'll pass this along to our lead combat designer and get their thoughts on it, but this may have already been discussed and decided on.
To be clear, this definitely isn't a bug, the logic is working as intended.