• [2018/06/22]
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First Impressions of Annie


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Mar 13, 2018
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As some people have access to Annie now, either through luck or having saved up theonite or just spending cash, and I was curious what other people's first impressions were.

So far compared to the other recent new releases (Fukua and Robofortune) I'm finding Annie a lot more intuitive to play. It's even a bit weird, because I am not a combo master and she's kinda built to be a lots of hits kinda character. I've only had a short amount of time to mess around with her, but I've already been pulling off some 30+ combos (edit: this is a low number I realize, but I'm not not using the blockbusters that really rack them up), and at one point beat up a 10k Dreamcatcher with a 2k Triple Threat just by juggling them in the air so much.

I don't feel like I've completely figured out the Star Meter though, and kinda wish there was a better explainer for that, because unlike Beowulf's Hype mode it changes quite a lot of things and goes down in a less predicable way I think? It's hard to pay attention to while also fighting, and having Triple Threat as my current Annie-main means that it also semi-randomly goes up at times further confusing things for me.

Having day 2 of her release be Tuesday meant that I tried her out in the dailies and that was... pretty grim. Her lots of hits play style is just about the worst thing possible for Big Band's Daily, while trying to get a low stat version of her past the Blue Screen in the first to nodes of Robo-Fortune's was also impossible. Taking her through master mode daily's today was less bad, but it did demonstrate that the way she plays doesn't really favor some of the worst modifiers and SAs.

Still, I'm enjoying her a lot, and I think she's going to become a favorite character.
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