• [2018/06/22]
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"FREEDOM FIGHTER" - General Strategy and Discussions


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Mar 15, 2020
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After the update, this Beowulf variant got some nice buffing.And this is one of the many least discussed fighters in this forums.
  • So, people who already had invested in him, what are your opinions?
  • Should people invest in him?
  • In which group do he belongs? Pure Offensive, Offensive-Defensive, Pure Defensive?
  • Is he worth Diamond?
  • Probable stats investment?
And who doesn't love Caps?
I evolved it into diamond ... and it really improved a lot with its new SA ... from what I realized, it is more defense than attack ... its HP reaches 67k being the second largest in the beowulf class .. but its problem is that you can easily stun your opponents, but you don’t have enough strength to beat them ... another problem is that your first SA is not so good for him to stay alive or attack. ..if instead of applying these debuffs he had a 15% chance of gaining armor when defending a blow would be better ... because he is Captain America so where's his shield?
I invested in hp and Atk maybe should focus on defense only ...
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Wait, what?
Update 4.3 notes.
BEOWULF - Freedom Fighter
  • OLD - When BLOCKING a BLOCKBUSTER attack, DISABLE opponent BLOCKBUSTERS for 10/12/15 seconds and inflict STUN for 4 seconds.
  • NEW - When BLOCKING a BLOCKBUSTER or SPECIAL MOVE attack, DISABLE opponent BLOCKBUSTERS for 10/12/15 seconds and inflict STUN for 4 seconds.
Talk about underappreciated! Poor guy has been around since July 4th 2019 and only now gets a dedicated thread.
Debut tweet: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1144417334733312000

The new SA buff is a huge gain for Freedom Fighter. Special Move happy characters like Peacock, Robo-Fortune, and Annie should be very afraid of this Beowulf.

SGM wiki said:
  • As a defensive fighter, Freedom Fighter completely relies on mistakes made by players. Hence, skilled players will not find Freedom Fighter challenging to face, as long as they can block and attack at the right time.
In summary, on offense, he's good for catching the AI slippin' but on defense, he needs the enemy player to make mistakes to be effective.