• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Characters Give Beowulf a combo reset move

    For the love of Holy Trinity give him a combo reseter or an air grab move. It sucks not being able to do more than 50 hits while Umbrella can do double than that, she's better grappler than him
  2. kage_sama

    Cyberpunk edgerruners palettes, david (beowulf) and adam smasher (robo fortune)

  3. E

    Bug - Normal Bewolf's THROW problem with Hype mode on

    Hello, The Beowulf's hype mode is giving trouble when THROW, opponents are breaking it with hype mode active sometimes; It's not always, but it happens a lot.
  4. BallotBoxer

    FAN FAVORITE - Strategy and Discussion

    FAN FAVORITE BEOWULF Element: Light Tier: Silver Palette: Hidden Variable Studios colors First Appearance: 5.0.2 (24 May 2022) Signature Ability UNDYING SUPPORT SA1: While Beowulf is alive, teammates gain FINAL STAND for 5 seconds every 30 seconds. SA2: Inflict DEATH MARK and gain 2 stacks of...
  5. Tart

    Resolved Bug or Intended?

    I had started the Bella Diamond PF and it seems like the modifier activates whenever Beowulf uses the blockbuster 'Geatish Trepak'. Is this supposed to happen? I haven't tried Plummel but I know Wulfshoot doesn't do this. I don't know if this is important but my Beo used is not invested at all.
  6. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Please make Dark Might a "useful" Hero

    Dark Might's SA2 can be fixed with: Tier 3 Blockbusters have a 35% chance to instantly defeat opponents with less than 50% health. Currently, both of his SAs aren't good for Rift. SA1 needs his allies to die and SA2 needs his HP be lowered, which will lower the Rift attempt Score and also a...
  7. Hall☆weenQueen

    BEAST KING discussion and strategy

    So recently SGM announced a third diamond Beowulf variant called BEAST KING Pallet Reference: Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" I was fortunate enough to fight him lately and saying he's a beast in an understatement! Please note I was smart enough to read...
  8. Art3mes

    "FREEDOM FIGHTER" - General Strategy and Discussions

    After the update, this Beowulf variant got some nice buffing.And this is one of the many least discussed fighters in this forums. So, people who already had invested in him, what are your opinions? Should people invest in him? In which group do he belongs? Pure Offensive, Offensive-Defensive...
  9. Dark dizzy

    Beowulf custom variant

    Refrence: Magma dragoon megaman x4 Rising Fire get ready x ! Ability 1: when in hype mode gain 5 stacks of enrage and haste. Ability 2: when health is at 50 percent or lower deal 25/35/45 more damage.
  10. Samuel Son

    Bug - Normal Beowulf can move in team selection screen

    Device: Huawei Y8s Android version: 9.0 EMUI (Huawei´s custom UI): 9.1.0 Hi! I just find out that if you select Beowulf in the "team selection screen", perform tree atacks and suddenly return to the selection screen, Beowulf will move through the screen and end up in the rival´s team side ...
  11. Rudølf

    Beowulf in Competitive PvP

  12. C

    Characters Beowulf Throw Animation Glitch

    So, I've been getting these Beowulf Throw glitches during PF. It is a really random glitch that rarely ever happens and I have only experienced it 4 times. I don't know what triggers this throw Animation Glitch but I do use throws alot for Coldstones and usually just keep throwing until it stuns...
  13. V

    Bug - Normal Beowulf got locked after Deployment

    I have used Beowuf on deployment and after that he became locked,i can't use him to fight or deploy again. My device is a Moto g7 Play , Android 10.
  14. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Dark Might needs Rework

    Dark Might's SA2 needs rework for him to be better in RIFT and PF. Especially now that we will have new Fukuas and that ShadowPuppet needs some hard counter, I mean she deserves insta-death. LOL From: TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTERS have a 15%/25%/35% chance to instantly defeat opponents if Beowulf has...
  15. Rudølf

    Variants To Be Buffed

    Hello, wuff pack! Am here to do a little poll if it's okay! x3 Some of Beowuff's variants need buffs. Is it just me who thinks that? Please don't say it's just me ;w;
  16. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Thanos Beowulf please

    Help me think more (edit) for this ThanosBeo Neutral Beowulf Mad Titan (Thanos) Special Ability: Infinity Snap Gain buff/s when activating Hype Mode SA1 Lv1 Enrage - Power Lv2 Haste - Time Lv3 Regen - Soul SA2 Lv1 Precision - Reality Lv2 Immunity - Mind Lv3 Unflinching - Space StrongestAntiMETA
  17. P

    Story Beowulf’s Story Suggestion

    Hi, again. I don’t know if this would happen or not but, in my opinion, I feel like Beowulf’s story should be a little different. Most of the Skullgirls characters have serious backstories (with the exception of Fukua and Robo), but Beowulf’s story tends to not be taken seriously. Like for...
  18. smokster

    Ascent of a woman the beowulf's nod

    guys i have been suffering lately from this nod in master-story mode, specially after the 3.4.1 update its really playing on my nerves and there is no possible way i could finish this nod, and i tried using all kind of beowulfs and i would always die on the last couple of seconds. plz any good...
  19. A

    Beowulf Wrestler X is it worth investing resources in?

    Hello greetings someone who has it could you recommend me to invest resources in it or not?
  20. Kanashī Fuan'na

    Resolved Beowulf BB Bug?

    Is it a Bug or New Update BB for Beowulf? Coz idk if this bug or nah And his Block Changed From His Chair to His Championship Belt