• [2018/06/22]
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Fun Moments


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Mar 13, 2018
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I thought in might be nice to have a thread to just post moments in the game you found fun for some reason.

Mine today, which inspired this, was using Parasite Weave's Taunt right after kicking someone into the air. Did you know that it can hit an enemy? And did you know that further that with Weave this silly tongue lick hit can also stun an enemy?

I did not, and this is a delightful thing to learn.
I had a very funny moment today when I win without being hit at all (including hit when we block). I just use the special move and move back when they charge and charge back at them when they finish the charge, and suddenly somehow someway I won with full health bar lol, didn't realize that until after I start a next game
My fun moment was discovering Peacock's two level 1 blockbusters work very well together. It really made me realize how strong Pea Shooter Peacock is and personally the only reason she isn't gold right now is she is so reliable against most of the silver/bronze cast.

It's funny seeing the Argus Agony and Heads Up both hitting the opponent at the same time and almost guaranteeing a good chunk of damage to most opponents.
Just found out that I can use Cerebella's trip twice, before the opponent gets up (I've only tried this between Cerebella and Peacock so far, hope it holds up)
Peacock is generally the easiest character to combo, shes lightweight and has a great hitbox to hit. A lot of things will only work on peacock.
It may work on the other lightweights (Painwheel, Valentine, Filia). Val has a bigger hitbox and might hit the ground too early and Filia is a fast faller I think.
I almost lost the match, the enemy was much stronger and 1 normal or skill hit even if it was during blocking would kill me. Both were blocking and I could not get an opening for my blockbusters. But the enemy also had a small portion of HP left, and it was the last fighter, so I triggered all the blockbusters and special moves and somehow someway they dealt enough damage to help me win the fight lol.
When both fighter intros at the start of the match include the word 'time' ("Beowulf time", "time for your physical", "time for your curtain call", etc.) and then the announcer says "it's showtime!" and I suddenly become quite hungry for a meal where the herb thyme is used.
The day I discovered painwheel’s unbluckable charged attack can stager and finished a fight with 100% hp.

And another one when I was in the new pz with the enemy team having 160% buff and I had them in a corner and spammed cerebella’s charged attack because none of them have burst. Burst is so important in the new pz. Burst and that forced tag out move.
Staying up for almost an entire night during the second Eliza prizefight and shoving theonite into my only good team and getting player level ups to also refill energy and that Diva Intervention is now my best fighter.
One of the great moments i have was finally destroy the bloody Primed Parasoul with perm unflinching and
invincible. After burning strong characters, i paired a xenomorph with a bv eliza, inflicted the doom and make my eliza to hold up 30 secs and win.