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Other Having difficulty sustaining interest in game

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by fatfursatan, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. fatfursatan

    fatfursatan Member

    May 26, 2017
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    EDIT: I only started playing a bit after the hard launch. I never participated in any beta version.

    Now that I have 3 gold characters and can get high streaks, it feels like I beat the progression system already. The only thing I have problems with now are unflinching enemies at the end of Daily Events, which are really repetitive (so, I rarely sustain enough interest to get to the end of them anyway).

    I don't have any proposed solutions. I know the game is in a nascent state. But I find it really hard to care about ranking in Prize Events now that I have enough great golds to make a team. The golds perform well enough already without heavy skill node investment. I'm almost done with the Story. I don't gain gold fast enough to look forward to frequently upgrading my golds.

    Anduh, it seems like most of the signature abilities on golds aren't about synergy, so making teams centered around projectiles, throws, specials, meter, etc. requires grinding bronzes and silvers in a way that feels pointless and unnecessary as of now. Which limits the amount of grinding I want to do.

    (and to be clear, I really, REALLY like the combat)

    If I had to give snappy, concrete feedback, I'd say the game lacks a mode meant to generate perpetual interest. Usually, these only exist in mobile games along with harder to get the highest rarity characters, a broader range in character rarity, etc.

    And I doubt direct PvP is an option, so... considering it's a mobile game with daily missions and all the trappings, it feels very not-perpetual compared to its peers.
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  2. Poringsmasher

    Poringsmasher Member

    Jun 6, 2017
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    I'm not sure if you started with official launch or got in early, but I came in a few days after launch and have already beaten the story and also am pretty set on a team for each rank.

    To add to the topic of progression I was all set to rank up silvers but by the time I finally maxed their level I no longer needed to rank them up because I got two golds (one right before and one right after finishing story) and then got another from PF ranking so now I don't really need to rank them cause they do more good as a strong silver team.

    In any other game ranking up is usually always the goal but not here. It definitely feels a bit weird. So now the drive to power up and rank up lower tiered fighters is gone and the only things I'm doing is more PFs and some dailies.

    Something else to do with regular energy would be great. Either the return of that Quick Fight mode and/or maybe even some kind of survival mode that keeps ramping up in difficulty. Just as fatfursatan was saying the gameplay is fun, I just want more ways to play it.

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