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Help an old noob out

Discussion in 'New Player Guides & FAQs' started by Squires, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. Squires

    Squires New Member

    Jul 7, 2020
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    This is like a midlife crisis, except it's with my account!

    So I just reached lvl 50, and around thirty after reading guides and what-not I realized I had messed up, but I was too lazy to start over. So anyway, help me out, I pulled out a bunch of golds and silvers after the update with the relic hoard and I'm kinda reading which characters are good but gahhh in some places they look nice and in some is like "don't". Asking all of this in the chat game would take forever, so, here.

    I know what I should invest in may depend on what I wanna do, and, uh, I have no idea. Whatever works, I'd say "hey PF" but rifts are pretty cool now—let's ignore my 106X score got destroyed to 964, I love them anyway!


    [G] Mean One, Peacock. 100% Skill Tree, no Marquee. Lvl 48.
    G] Diva Intervention, Eliza. 47% Skill Tree, mostly SA and moves slot Tree. Lvl 43.
    S] Big Top, Cerebella. 83% Skill Tree, missing Energy Tree. Lvl 40.
    [D] Dream Catcher, Peacock. No investment. I look and fawn over her a lot though!
    Blue Bomber, SUPER FIGHTING Robo. 29% Skill Tree. Lvl 40, FIGHTING TO SAVE THE WORLD
    Number One, Beowulf. 12% Skill Tree. Lvl 40.
    [B] Cold Stones, Beowulf. 100% Skill Tree, no Marquee. Lvl 30.
    Toad Warrior, Cerebella. No investment. Lvl 31.
    [B] Bassline, Big Band. 100% Skill Tree, no Marquee. Lvl 30.
    [B] Bad Hair Day, Samson. Full Marquee. Lvl 30.

    That's basically my "dedicated" roster, alongside a Sheltered Parasoul and Scrub Valentine, both 30, let's say trees around 30% or so. I'll go over the rest, assume they have no investment at all. For ease of understanding, I'll format it as...

    Character (NumberOfCopies / HowManyLvlMaxed i.e fodder ready)

    Underdog (10 / 4M)
    Cold Stones (7 / 1M)
    Wrestler X (2 / 0M)
    Hype Man (2 / 0M)

    Big Band

    Bassline (17 / 1M)
    Beat Box (9 / 3M)
    Resonant Evil (1 / 0M)
    G.I Jazz (2 / 0M)
    Robocopy (2 / 0M)
    Treble Maker (2 / 0M)

    Big Top (4 / 1M)
    Toad Warrior (2 / 0M)
    Headstrong (7 / 2M)
    Understudy (13 / 6M)
    Brain Freeze (1 / 0M)
    Gray Matter (5 / 0M)

    Doublicious (2 / 0M)
    Sundae School (9 / 0M)
    Temple Tyrant (3 / 0M)
    Myst-Match (2 / 0M)
    Nunsense (7 / 0M)


    Diva Intervention (1 / 1M)
    Decrypted (6 / 1M)
    In Denile (12 / 0M)
    Scarlet Viper (4 / 0M)
    Bloody Valentine (2 / 0M)
    Tomb and Gloom (1 / 0M)

    Still Samson
    Bad Hair Day (11 / 5M)
    Parasite Weave (1 / 0M)
    Frayed Ends (18 / 4M)
    Bad Ms Frosty (1 / 0M)
    Rock Star (3 / 0M)

    Vaporwave Vixen (1 / 0M)
    Souls Sister (1 / 0M)
    Rain Shadow (1 / 0M)
    Infernal Twin (2 / 0M)
    Rough Copy (2 / 0M)

    Ms. Fortune
    Meow & Furever (2 / 0M)
    Just Kitten (4 / 1M)
    Purrfect Dark (1 / 0M)
    Feline Lucky (2 / 0M)
    Hellcat (5 / 0M)


    Firefly (1 / 0M)
    Twisted Mettle (8 / 1M)
    Rusty (4 / 2M)
    Blood Drive (2 / 0M)
    Rage Appropiate (1 / 0M)


    Sheltered (8 / 0M)
    Ivy League (1 / 0M)
    Shadow Ops (1 / 0M)
    Heavy Reign (8 / 0M)

    Mean One (1 / 1M)
    Dream Catcher (1 / 0M)
    Wildcar (2 / 0M)
    That's not all yet sadly, Folks (1 / 0M)
    Untouchable (1 / 0M)
    Sketchy (19 / 2M)
    Rerun (18 / 5M)
    Ultraviolent (1 / 0M)
    Pea Shooter (2 / 0M)
    Inkling (1 / 0M)

    Blue Bomber (2 / 1M)
    Blue Screen (1 / 0M)
    Purrminator (2 / 0M)
    Nyanotech (1 / 0M)
    M-3OW (4 / 0M)
    Prototype (7 / 0M)

    Scared Stiff (3 / 1M)
    Poltergeist (1 / 0M)
    Stage Fright (11 / 0M)
    Dead of Winter (1 / 0M)

    Scrub (11 / 1M)
    Graveyard Shift (1 / 0M)
    Surgeon General (1 / 0M)
    Silent Kill (1 / 0M)
    Kill Joy (4 / 0M)
    Icy Hot (5 / 0M)

    Just kidding!

    - 7000 Theo.
    - x3 twelve hour XP.
    - x19 four hour XP. Yeah, I haven't used one ever... -uh
    - x1 wind essence. Others are at 270 something shards, light is at 700.
    - 34 Bronze, 27 Silver, 30 Gold, and 8 Diamond keys.
    - 1500 rift coins.
    - A deep fear and hate towards headless Fortune AI.
    - You wanted my canopy? Too bad, I don't have any! Headless Fortune took it.
    - Probably the most XP awarding stage I can complete is Peacock's origin expert. I can beat Master last one too, but it's like... one in five tries.

    Notice I haven't bothered to evolve anyone because I'm scared it'll leave me crippled, it takes ages for me to lvl up (it may have something to do with not using the xp boosters... hmmm) and getting into 10% Gold seems like a complete and utter nightmare even if you have how, judging how even with Mean One and Diva scoring I-don't-know-how-many-millions seems horrible. Maybe it's not as bad as I think? Anyway, I'll do whatever you advice me to, please bathe me in your knowledge, oh, lvl... something, didn't mess as hard lovely players.

    And thanks for putting up with this testament!
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  2. BallotBoxer

    BallotBoxer Well-Known Member

    Feb 4, 2018
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    From your list, these are the stars that should step into the spotlight:

    In short, trust in your natural Golds. Once you build them to become strong, they can help carry the weaklings. When I was low level, it was Bloodbath Eliza and Resonant Evil Big Band who helped carry me to eventually start getting 10% in prize fights.

    Unfortunately, in this Diamond Age, there are giants that play PFs to sharpen their massive diamond collections. Thus the 10% threshold has inflated to 25 million (when I was coming up, it was at least 10 mil less).
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  3. buggy.

    buggy. Active Member

    Aug 8, 2019
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    Are you asking for which fighters to focus on? Mean one is your strongest.And it’s one of the strongest unit in the game. Diamond it when you can.

    As for others - surgeon general, silent kill, vaporwave vixen, toad warrior (underrated gem), purrfect dark, doublicous, meow and furever, poltergeist are all worth upgrading and decent fighters.

    Also try to complete accursed experiment; it rewards 3 essence of a random element upon first completion.

    If it doesn’t cover all of your questions then feel free to ask more :rolleyes:.
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  4. fanghoul

    fanghoul Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2018
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    I'm going to agree with Silent Kill, Surgeon General, Poltergust, Toad Warrior, Purrfect Dark and Doublicious. Those last three are particularly low cost options for filling out your roster with some of the strongest characters at Silver prices. Resonant Evil is also like that, but he's more a defensive character, useful on Rifts and stuff. Purrminator was my go-to Robofortune for a long time before I got Overclocked, and is still probably better than average for the daily event because of her SA not making everything bad.

    Just Kitten, Rusty and Bad Hair Day are the odd Bronzes that can also work as Golds because of their SAs.

    I can't actually comment on Mean One, because she's one of the characters I've never pulled. I've heard good things though.

    Diva is mixed. She's just incredibly powerful up to a point. Once you know how to use her she's pretty reliable at just slaughtering her way through tough fights. But her damage maxes out, and then you're kinda just... stuck. The timer will run out and there's nothing you can do about it so after a point in the prize fight streak she's useless. She might be invaluable at this point though.

    I personally love Parasite Weave, she one of the first 3 characters I got to level 60, but I know that's sort of a minority opinion here on the forum.

    I'd probably leave the Natural Diamond be for now. It'd be pretty easy for her to soak up *all* of your resources for minimal return, regardless of which character it was.
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  5. Diony

    Diony Active Member

    Jul 11, 2018
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    So do I. I love all characters who can stun with the SA
  6. fanghoul

    fanghoul Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2018
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    Yeah, people tend to say she's a poor man's Bad Hair Day these days, but the stun and slow can really help keep things a bit more under control while stacking those bleeds, rather than getting BB3'd all too soon.

    Oh, another tip for OP: Definitely use those double XP boosts periodically when you think you have a bit of time you're going to play and you're doing something profitable like a harder mode for you or the tail end of a prize fight streak. Don't just hoard them, you'll get more and more. It's really useful how characters energy refills when they level up and XP doubling helps that happen as often as possible. The last levels before you can evolve characters can also be a real slog too. There's a lot of mental benefit to seeing those progress bars moving a bit faster sometimes.

    Dumb extra tip: Sometimes evolving your golds to diamonds will screw you in terms of finishing Master Story Mode, so maybe check where you are in Story mode before you idly evolve people to diamond later on LOL. Because you'll need a gold Beowulf or somethings and your best one is now completely unable to help and you have to start a new one from scratch just to finish a single node. This sometimes also happens with bronzes and silvers, but it's not quite so much a pain and investment at that level.
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  7. Disasterrr19

    Disasterrr19 Active Member

    Feb 23, 2019
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    Totally agree with what @BallotBoxer, @buggy. and @fanghoul said. With one advice from a player who also messed up a bit in the beginning and made unwise investments: try to first invest in your good Bronzes (Rusty, Sheltered, BHD) and Silvers (Doublicious, Toad, PurrD), because their skill trees are way cheaper to unlock. With the same amount of coins that you would need for one Poltergust or Silent Kill, you can get two or three maxed fighters evolved to Gold tier - it would be easier for you to get to higher rewards in PFs and grind Master dailies for coins.

    The progress in this game is like a snowball - the more strong fighters you get, the easier it becomes to acquire new ones. When I got my first Gold (it was Claw and Order), I immediately spent all my coins to unlock some of her skill nodes. But then I played with her for two battles in a row, and she had to go to the bench to restore the energy (there were no energy refill bottles then)... Only after I evolved Rusty, BHD and No Egrets to Gold, I started really enjoying Gold PFs, and my efficiency experienced a visible improvement.
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    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
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  8. fanghoul

    fanghoul Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2018
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    @Disasterrr19 is absolutely right here. More characters makes it less time consuming to get through a lot of this stuff and get the things you need to advance. Also, many of the better story rewards depend on you having a diverse roster, so it's win/win to get as many people advanced as fast as you possibly can and evolving the right bronze and silver fighters is a key to that.

    (Also, I left Sheltered off my list of Bronzes worth evolving. I'll admit she's not my favorite, but she's definitely got strong merits and never stops being useful as support so you won't regret evolving her.)

    You really want those characters that are good at dealing with modifiers to get through the harder master modes, because those will get you better daily XP, moves, and money, either because they remove or prevent buffs (ie like Rusty, Purrfect Dark, Doublicious, etc.) or because they're good at dealing with the debuffs applied to you (Just Kitten, Any Valintine with ICU)

    Also, don't skimp on moves! Use gold moves and level them at least 3 or 6, particularly if they have 2 useful stats. The damage increase really makes a huge difference. Past that level 6, eh, it really depends on the move, it's stats, and how much money you have at the moment. Don't be afraid to ask!
  9. JazzWasHere

    JazzWasHere Member

    Jan 14, 2018
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    I been having this game for 2 years now and I'm just now getting my collection a little better because I'm such a hoarder.
    However it comes in handle tho! I have so many Slivers and Bronzes stack up because my luck for summoning is just terrible back before diamonds were involve.
    Treasure every single XP boost you have cause they are very useful when your collection is close to being full and you want to farm skill points.
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  10. Squires

    Squires New Member

    Jul 7, 2020
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    Thanks to all of you. And sorry for not replying in forever but the forum had me something something spam I never figured what was up and randomly changed words just in case haha... "maybe the word 'Ball' is prohibited!?" yes Ball short of Ballot! (I accept Filia helps Samson okay, sorry!)

    Anyway, I am working on the guys listed, mostly silvers since they cost less, it's around 2.5 fully upgraded silvers the cost to upgrade a gold. And yup fang, I'm wary of moves, pretty much the only thing I can say with confidence I'm good at (except my luck god I hate dail-*stops before ranting*)

    I will admit to having spent a little on Vaporwave, but she had very convincing arguments and I had a ridiculous idea: "What if I give her 100% block prof.!? I could block people to DEATH with miasma and thorns on a corner! haha!"

    yeah it doesn't work (yet)

    However we all shall fear because I do have more questions. Should I marquee Mean One? Sure some fighters like BHD get an abysmal difference with theirs, but Mean... eh. Doesn't look like a big deal, I could be wrong of course. So that, marquee my girl or am I better spending those peacock points into, uh, Ultraviolent, or another gold Peacock?
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  11. Disasterrr19

    Disasterrr19 Active Member

    Feb 23, 2019
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    Peacock's MA is usually not a game breaker, so it's not as mandatory as Filia's The First Cut or PW's Grudge. If you decide to unlock it, Special Feature would be more useful since Mean One is a frontlining damage dealer who does not need frequent tagging, but would benefit from more Bang-Bang-Bangs.

    Since you have Dream Catcher and will start upgrading her sooner or later, I would save those skill points for the future - Nat Diamonds need a lot of investment. I would also upgrade Sketchy to at least Silver tier as a support - she helps dealing with some nasty Defence teams and modifiers.
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